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soap wetness for straight razor

You can have it wet and still be firm enough to have a layer of 1/16" on your face. That's just a guess on thickness. As long as it's not see-through it's thick enough in my opinion for a straight. The quality of soap makes a huge difference with this too.
I'm far from an expert with a straight razor. I'm using shavettes and I had a lot of trouble with a wet lather that has a lot of surface water in it. I've found that I like a thick, cushiony lather. I've also found that that's what I like with my DE and GEM razors, too. I figured it was just a YMMV thing and that ended up being what my face likes best.
Slick is the key outcome for me. Some soaps attain the desired slickness with more volume, some with less, but when I'm trying a new soap, I err on the side of too much water rather than too little.
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