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Now that you are accumulating multiple creams and soaps, how do you store the soaps? Some come in storage containers, many don't. And I'm cheap. Quite often I will order a refill soap rather than pay for a bowl or container. What to do? A quick jaunt down to the local market can solve the problem!


Inexpensive, comes with a lid, see through, and stackable!


One container, one soap!


Almost a perfect fit!


Glue the soap label on the lid for easy identification.


Storage problems? Think vertical! I have quit melting soaps. One use, and the soap will adhere to the container. If you want to melt your soap (done at your own risk), these containers are microwaveable. What I really like is that they allow you room to work up a lather. Other brands and types are available, but these work for me. Less than $4 bucks for 6, re-usable, and stackable. The only thing that would make them better is if they contained a shaving soap when purchased!

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Hi Randy,

...looks good and is, I think, a cheap way to store the soaps.
I use this containers too, but here these containers aren't so cheap...:frown: :frown:

I wish a nice and restful night and me a great stress-less day.

Here's how I'm currently storing my recent shipment of Honeybee Shave Soaps. Took a cake of soap to Wally World today and came up with these little plastic storage containers. They are called "Store Packs" and they are .236 Liter/1 Cup; made in Israel by Starplast [see www.starplast.com. They come two to a package for 94 cents. The soaps fit nice and snug because of the taper of these bowls. I just ran a little water over the soap for initial installation and allowed them to dry and they are set for future shaves. I even labeled mine with my Brother P-Touch Labeler. The lids do not fit super tight but they seal just fine for storing shaving soaps, plus they stack well.

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Hi Ron,

...they look very fine..., really...:001_smile :001_smile

Sometimes I thought that I'm the only one which uses these sort of containers/tubs...


You have got to stay out of my head- same idea that I had except for one difference.I am using the Glad brand that screw on. Lots of room to work up a lather, plus, keeps the soap scent contained and you get that extra special whiff upon opening. Ummm, boy! :w00t: And their is nothing like stackage for future purchases!

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