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Soap similar in performance to MWF but with fewer ingredients?

I'm very much liking MWF, super slick when lathered correctly and the post shave feel is much nicer than Stirling for me. I'm young and don't want to take any chances with my skin, though, so I'm looking for an equally slick shave soap with fewer harsh chemicals/perfumes to replace it with. I've heard some good reviews of Mystic Water's unscented soap, as well as Stirling's unscented but don't know how they perform compared to MWF. Any input would be much appreciated.
I've yet to try it, but if I was looking to buy an unscented soap with fewer ingredients than most, I'd be looking at Canada Shave soap. It's more reasonably priced than MdC's unscented.

I also love MWF and am always looking for more natural ingredients, myself. For me, Stirling's Sheep base (and regular base for that matter) don't provide the same moisturizing post shave feel that MWF does. It's fine- and I've used a lot worse- but it doesn't compare in my book. I hadn't tried Mystic Waters.
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