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    I would agree with this. It's really cool to get to smell all of the soaps and pick the ones that interest you. Nothing better than when a vendor donates soaps from their entire line and you can experience everything they have to offer. It takes the guess work out of it. I can't tell you how many tubs I bought where the scent wasn't what I expected at all. Less and less vendors are providing samples as it's extremely time consuming and not all that profitable for them to do so.
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    I tried that one just to say I did never again :em3400:
    its the only thing I've found that bacon didn't make better :em2300:
  2. Thats how I saw this. A way to smell tons of soaps to see what you would like to purchase yourself. Maybe try one or two that are your favorite scents.
  4. That was a good commercial. Not like these idiotic commercials now.
  5. I don't really get the "dirt" or "camp fire" scents, either. For me, they're awful.
  6. smoke is somthing for me that needs alot of restraint. even in cooking. my first soap was a cremo reserve, and i love it , i would describe it as the smell of a leather couch in a smoking lounge . it was really good. but i think the smoke thing can get out of control fast.
  7. Agreed!
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    Trying both the performance and the scent are the best aspects of the passaround (and the banter is great, too)! My nose is not very refined so even when others can pick out the various components, I can't. It either works or doesn't work for me. I've purchased several soaps based on my experience during the passaround (and I've skipped others). I'm still blown away that @dfoulk is able to coordinate well over 400 different top-notch soap samples (and @bobmsp tracks them in his excellent spreadsheet) and everyone has a great time.
  9. Saw in another thread that this would be starting up again soon. I’d be interested in signing up and wanted to know what the process was for participating. Figured it’d be a great way to experience different scents/lather a few soap bases I haven’t tried yet. Thanks!
  10. Once dfoulk has it all sorted on his end he'll post here and that's when you sign up. See the original post for rues/fine print/etc.
  11. Awesome, thank you! I’m following the thread so I don’t miss it.
  12. Almost there, 134 posts as of today. :scooter:
  13. Nice. Getting close.
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    Remember- you need 150 by the time you get the box, not to sign up. You should be fine!
  15. That's my understanding, too. Its an exceptional bit of service so I want to respect the justure and the other participants.
  16. Revision: "resspect" the time and effort that's going into this.
  17. i went back and read several of the posts in this thread, I am excited to get in on this pass around. It will be nice to try and smell some interesting soaps as well as add some from my growing Grooming Dept stash.
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  18. What is the status of this
  19. +1 to that

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