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Soap or Cream to compliment a bay rum AS?:confused:

What is a good soap or cream to go with a bay rum cologne or AS. Would a Trumper's Coconut Oil SS or SC be along the correct lines?
I guess Ogallala Bay Rum would fit the profile http://www.usfreeads.com/catalogs/363692/index3.html.

Note they have a sampler of some of there Bay Rum "plus" soaps and a $.01 cologne sample. Also fabulous customer service.

Some other members may be able to tell you about some of the "artisinal" soap-makers, and what they offer.
You should pair products from the same company. For example Col. Conk's idea of what bay rum is is very different from what Trumpers thinks it is.
You should pair products from the same company. For example Col. Conk's idea of what bay rum is is very different from what Trumpers thinks it is.

Absolute truth right there. plus, you don't have to worry if the scents match. As Ogallala was already mentioned, I'll put in a plug for Saint Charles Shave-you can go with bay rum or bay rum w/twist. Either wat, Sue has the soap, creams,a/s balm or milk, and edt in the same family.

Yeah, there are a ton of nice bay rum soaps out there, and if your favorite bay rum supplier doesn't offer a shaving soap, there are lots that may fit the bill-

Ogallala has multiple bay rum soaps
Mama Bear makes a nice basic bay rum, one of my favs
Saint Charles Shave makes bay rum & bay rum w/ a twist
Colonel Conk has a classic bay rum
Pirates Cove makes a well liked line of bay rum soaps

I think QED makes one, (could be wrong) and I know some of the other artisan soap makers have them.

You have a lot of really sweet options.
Great info thanks a bunch. I will definitely stay with in the company. I have had my eye on Trumper's Bay Rum for a bit now. It's at a local dept. store that I have a gift certificate to. So I think I will procure myself a bottle, then possibly order some coconut or almond soap from Trumper.
Great thread here...
I guess Coconut or Lime would be nice...
At least, this is what I dream of, for this Bay Rum scent I can just imagine as it is not so popular over here in Europe and I cannot figure it out exactly.

Captain Morgan as an AS:lol:!?? Hum...:001_huh:Why not!

Anyway, when I dream of Bay Rum, I have thoughts of the Caribean, of an hot breeze, of Rum based cocktails, something strong, masculine...
The funny thing is I sometimes dream of it as a summer scent (with lime.....yummy!!) or sometimes as something that could be used in the Fall/Winter collection, as a compliment to a good sandalwood cream or topped of with some kind of leather or cinnamon scent.
Or is it just me raving as I struggle with my ADs!??:w00t::lol::lol:

As for keeping the same company line, I would tend to agree with the argument that each has its own take on the scent.
But never say never for you can sometimes achieve great smelling blends/combos.
I don't understand. Are you having a problem with competing scents/looking for something that will not clash?

Personally I've never found a soap/cream scent that lingers long enough to interfere with whatever AS I decided to use. YMMV of course..

You could go the other direction as well and use a soap/cream that has very little scent. Keep the canvas as blank as possible, if you will. Kent/MWF for example has almost no scent and, as I understand it, Taylor has a new cream that is very lightly scented..

If you're just looking for similar scents that you simply can use to have the whole experience, I would think that any bay rum product could be used with any other satisfactorily.


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Classicshaving makes a shave cream in a bay rum scent. I have heard some decent things about that cream, although I have not yet opened my jar of it so I can't comment in person.
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