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Soap Forum Member Spotlight JMG021283 #7

Well here we are in our 7th round of the Soap Forum member spotlight. I would like to introduce you all to Joe better known as @JMG021283 coming to us from Ohio.

1. Name, job field, age/generation:
Joe George, Tax Accountant, Born 1983

2. What’s the meaning behind your username?:
Look at my first and last name, then add some numbers!(Not the best of usernames, but I’ve had it as long as I’ve been on the internet….)

3. When did you join B&B and why did you join us?:
Nov 23, 2015 – I was looking into figuring out the D/E & Wet shaving and I came across the forum. I’m actually super happy I decided to sign up. I was probably a lurker for about 5-6 months before.

4. Talk to us about your acquisition disorders:
I tend to purchase soaps/creams on a whim….Brushes a little less…and I have been purchasing a bunch of razors as well. ATM, if I would guess… I have 25-30 soaps and creams that have been used 3-4 times…(A bunch more that I use quite often.)

5. Favorite soap and why?:
This would be one of the questions wouldn’t it? It’s like choosing your favorite kid. (No kids but I think this works?) There are a few which would be a toss-up: Pré de Provence, Barrister & Mann – Night Music, Ogallala - Bay Rum & Vanilla & Stirling – Vanilla Sandalwood. Pretty sure I just like a vanilla base. Although, I will say Arko is my go to default for a quick shave. Stirling and B&M are probably my favorite for shaving, if I’m excluding scents.

6. How do you lather?:
Does every way possible count…feel like I do whatever I think I have time for. I guess my go to would be face lathering. I do have a bowl and a scuttle that see a good bit of use. I would say I face lather soaps and bowl/scuttle lather creams. I’ve got a 30mm custom brush I tend to use with creams, so I normally need something to lather in.

7. Tallow vs. Veg vs. Glycerin:
Tallow, then Glycerin, then Veg.

8. 3017 or variety? If Variety have you ever used up a soap?
Variety….hands down. It’s the spice of life. I need to severely cut down my options, but couldn’t go down to 1-2. Using up a soap? Is that possible…I think I’ve had more soaps die to accidents then using them up. First puck I own – Conk-Lime? That did get used. So yes! 1 down and 50-60 to go….

9. Did B&B introduce you to anything else? Like Nib, photography, etc.?:
Luckily not, you guys get all the blame already from the SWMOB. I’m surprised she doesn’t have me block the site!

10. Favorite sub forum on B&B not named Soap?:
All of them? If I’m not posting in them, there is a good chance I’m probably lurking on them. Picking one I’d have to say: Aftershaves… at least recently. It’s an area I’m lacking in.

11. Tell us a story:
I’m a tax accountant…we’re boring….like super boring... Guess the story I have is:

I was just telling this to my co-work. It’s the story about the first time I kissed my fiancé. So, I met her through one of my best friends. (Her best friend is his sister.) Fast forward 3 years later, I realize girls are a thing and start talking to her.
I end up over at her family’s house and volunteer to help put in a drive way. (I was jokingly asked if I wanted to help and I took the bait. Note this is the first time, I met them.) After helping that day, we went for a walk and kissed for the first time. AT that exact moment, my future fiancé decided the idea of dating was over and it wasn’t going to work. We were still friends and talked, but she didn’t want to date. She introduced me to a friend and I took the bait and her hint that we were just friends.

I ended up moving on. Seven years later and I was married for about a year (dated for 6) after that. We grew apart and that was okay. I’ve heard horror stories but this wasn’t that bad looking back. After the divorce she reached out to me and we started talking.

I came to find out, after a few months into our relationship, why she didn’t want to date before. Her exact words are, “You didn’t kiss me hard enough, so I didn’t think you were into me.”

So, for those of you that actually read this: I want to make one point. A very important one. Make sure you kiss your significant other hard enough. (Because - Helping put in a concrete driveway isn’t enough to show you’re interested.)

(Getting married on December 9th and I will make sure to kiss her hard enough on that day. Otherwise I might be chasing her down the aisle in the other direction.)

12. Soap or Cream?:
Another horrible question……Soap…but if I was cheating on soap…it’d be with Truefitt & Hill 1805
Here's a Pic of Joe


Well as a Tax accountant and tax season right around the corner I am sure you are going to very busy! Thank you Joe for taking the opportunity to answer a few questions for us and letting us all know a little more about you!

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Excellent interview, great to find out a little bit about the person behind the username!!

Congratulations on your marriage, hope and blessings to you both!!
Good to meet you Joe! Corporate tax I assume?

For the most part. I also deal with non-profits and partnerships.

Good read Joe, doing concrete is no fun. Tax guy huh....pm incoming lol, kidding
Never mind helping if you have a question....although, I am slow to respond around tax time!

Wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes, also the interview was fun. I highly recommend signing up! Added a wedding photo for the heck of it.

Wedding Photo.jpg


I got moves like Jagger
Thanks for a great interview, Joe. You do have a "Kiss the Accountant!" apron, right? Man, where's custom titles when you need one. :lips:
Thanks for a great interview, Joe. You do have a "Kiss the Accountant!" apron, right? Man, where's custom titles when you need one. :lips:
Lol, at this point. I'm trying not to advertise. We're a shy bashful type.....with the new tax changes I'm talking to a lot more people than I want too!! Although everyone here is good!! For now......:glare:
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