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Soap Forum Member Spotlight DocHoliday0831 #1

Readers of the Soap Forum in our new member spotlight series I would first like to introduce you to TJ otherwise known as @DocHoliday0831 He has been a member since June 2017 and is becoming a regular poster across the boards. Get to know TJ a little better:

1. Name, job field, age/generation: TJ, parts manager for a Case IH agricultural equipment dealer, I’m 35 and fall into the in between generations group, to young for generation X and too old to be a millennial. Good magazine defines us as Xennials.

2. What’s the meaning behind your username?:
I am a huge fan of Tombstone the movie. I also really share a large number of personality traits with Docs character. I am fiercely loyal to my small circle of friends and my family.

3. When did you join B&B and why did you join us?:
I found the B&B slice of heaven around Father’s Day of this year. That is also the time I began my wet shaving journey and left carts and canned goop. I joined because I’m a information hog and try my best to learn and investigate anything that interests me thoroughly and as completely as I am able. B&B provided and still provides me with opportunities to learn about shaving and some now to teach others through my mistakes and successes.

4. Talk to us about your acquisition disorders:
Shortly after beginning this journey I had one terrible case of RAD. I bought or bartered for 2 three piece razors, two Gillette adjustable razors, and a slim tto. Then won a gem in a pif and have since acquired another gem and a silver hawk se through other pifs. I now only suffer from a soap/scent disorder. My mission is if it sounds like a good scent profile I probably need to own it as long as the performance is up to an acceptable standard.

5. Favorite soap and why?:
My favorite soap is Chiseled Face Ghost town Barber. In all it’s magical goodness. This soap should be an absolute requirement for anyone wanting to shave the traditional way. Closely following it though are Asylum Royal Fougere, XX and XXX by Razorock, and Chiseled Face Easy St. all of these have super scent profiles for me and their performance is top tier easily in many shavers books.

6. How do you lather?:
I use a bowl to lather if I am at home and my favorite brushes are boars followed by my one lone synthetic and then lastly my badgers.

7. Tallow vs. Veg vs. Glycerin:
Most of the soaps I really like are tallow based I believe but I do own some in each of these categories and can’t really say that I get better performance from one versus the others.

8. 3017 or variety? If Variety have you ever used up a soap?
3017 is not a part of my vocabulary. I haven’t been shaving long enough to use up a soap and don’t plan to specifically try to use one up.

9. Did B&B introduce you to anything else? Like Nib, photography, etc.?:
B&B didn’t really introduce me to anything new but I do enjoy the outdoors, camping hunting fishing hiking and stuff similar to that. I also really enjoy nature photography and have been for a few years now.

10. Favorite sub forum on B&B not named Soap?:
I guess if I’m forced to pick a favorite sub forum it’s the journal section. I have begun to consider the cadre as a part of my circle of friends and really enjoy the stories and entries there.

11. Tell us a story:
I really stink at story telling and not really sure what story to tell but here it goes.

As a hunter I was really excited last year when my oldest son was able to go with me into the hunt. We had been on a couple of hunts already and only killed time but made memories just hanging out in a tree together. This particular afternoon was rather nice and the sun had begun to set. We were walking home and saw a doe. Being the first deer my son saw since he had been able to go hunting he wanted to try and shoot it. My son is 6 and I was carrying the only firearm, a .270 Winchester. I put him in front of me and braced the rifle on my shoulder and took aim. I allowed him to assist in pulling the trigger. Note this is where considerable thought should have been given. Recoil really will break your collar bone if the rifle isn’t held just tight enough. That’s exactly what happened. Bang goes the rifle ouch goes daddy. Runs away goes the deer. Needless to say he hasn’t asked to shoot again but still likes hunting.

12. Soap or Cream?:
Soap by far. I do own a few creams but only get soap like performance from one of them.

Thank you TJ for answering our questions. Here is a picture of TJ with his son Quinn... still a little too young to hold a razor, but I am sure Dad will raise him right.


To the members if you would like to answer the questions above and be showcased in the Soap Forum please post in this thread and I will reach out to you.

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Nice job; it's always good to get to know folks a little better. But I have to ask.....

Who's the old man with you in the pic? You're the one with the freshly shaven baby face, right?
Nice job; it's always good to get to know folks a little better. But I have to ask.....

Who's the old man with you in the pic? You're the one with the freshly shaven baby face, right?

Lol yep that’s me the other guy is some grumpy old homeless dude I picked up to give a warm meal and take a picture with.

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Good to learn more about my fellow B&B'ers!! Great job, @DocHoliday0831!! I like the deer hunting story!! I'm not a very good hunter but have fun taking my rifle for a walk in the woods. Sorry about your collar bone. My dad and I were watching a shooting program and one of the guys was shooting some high caliber rifle; you could almost see the poor guy's frame leave his body from the recoil. (we had to rewind and watch it a few times, but we did feel sorry for him)
Great interview. It's great to get to know more about fellow members. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. Cheers.
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