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Soap Forum Member Spotlight CBLindsay #6

Well readers of the B&B Soap Forum. Here we are our 6th installment of the Soap Forum Member spotlight. I am happy to introduce you to Chris @CBLindsay coming from Southern California. He has been with B&B for about 2.5 years and is a regular poster on the site. Let's get to know him a little better:

  1. Name, job field, age/generation: They call me Chris Lindsay, I am in my early 40’s. I have done and been a few things in my life but I’ve spent the last 12+ years being an investment advisor/wealth manager.

2. What’s the meaning behind your username?: My user name is CBLindsay, I’ve been told it is Yiddish for “the great shaver” and if you spell it backwards (yasdnilBLC) it resembles a lyric from the Beatles “I am the Walrus” album. …But it turns out it is also just my first and middle initial with my last name.

3. When did you join B&B and why did you join us?: I think I started poking around B&B in early 2015 but didn’t join until July. I wasn’t expecting to stick around long but got sucked in somehow. Early on I won a cool PIF from KJ (@TheVez2). He stuck a note in the box that said to pay it forward when I can …and I’ve tried to do that ever since.

4. Talk to us about your acquisition disorders: AD’s? I have a few… When I was still learning to use the DE I was pretty drawn to the vintage soaps and Gillette razors. In 2016 I started using straight razors and fell in love with the variety of vintage straights. I currently have about 40 DE/SE and at least 100 straights. Naturally I went through a Coticule phase, collected the heck out those rocks but haven’t bought one for a year or so. I continue to acquire soaps but the pace has slowed way down now that I am running out of room to store them.

5. Favorite soap and why?: Picking a favorite soap is hard to do, each of my “favorites soaps tend to be a little different. I like the SV line as a premium vegan soap with great scents. I like WSP and Chiseled Face Groomatorium as a go-to that always makes me happy. Long Rifle Soap is awesome in so many ways and is unlike the WSP/CFG soaps in how creamy the lather is. I could go on and on but those I’ve listed are definitely among my favorites. Also among my favorites are the vintage soaps, Tonsorial Williams is quite possibly my favorite “vintage” soap but I like Yardley too.

6. How do you lather?: I tend to use the SV method (float a little H2O on the soap to bloom it a bit then load with a damp brush. I typically face lather but am not afraid to use a bowl (captains choice or my homemade coconut bowl). There was a time early on when I would face lather then finish in a bowl to make sure I got the best lather I could.

7. Tallow vs. Veg vs. Glycerin: The age old question isn’t it? This was one of the things I came to B&B to “learn” about. Early one I found veg based soaps like WSP Rustic were hands down the easiest to use. After using more and more soaps (and making my fair share of each kind) I have decided I prefer tallow to everything else. Too many glycerin (a.k.a. clear or melt ‘n pour) soaps have failed me all together. Most Veg based soaps are solid performers but nothing beats the creamy feel and unique density of a tallow soap.

8. 3017 or variety? If Variety have you ever used up a soap? I don’t even joke about 3017ing a soap, variety all the way. I have used up a couple pucks of Williams mug soap but don’t think I’ve finished anything else. I have finished a Stirling sample buy using it for a month’s worth of nightly lathers. I have a hard time finishing samples let alone a “regular” puck/tin/tub.

9. Did B&B introduce you to anything else? Like Nib, photography, etc.?: I blame B&B for introducing me to the “big lie” …you know the one “Wet shaving is WAY cheaper than them new-fangled 5 blade cartridges” . I have poked around in a few other sub forums but can’t say I have been formerly introduced to most. I guess you could say B&B introduced me to DE/SE and straight shaving, soaps, brushes, aftershaves/colognes and a pretty cool bunch of guys.

10. Favorite sub forum on B&B not named Soap?: It may be hard to believe but my favorite “other” sub forum, the reason I stay with B&B and remain a contributor …is the journal section. Second to that might be the “clubs and brotherhoods” forum (C.E.C of course). I poke my head in to the other “main” forum(s) but don’t spend a lot of time commenting there. I find the feedback and information shared in the various journals (and the C.E.C.) to be the most helpful to me at this stage. I guess you could say “I came to figure out how to ditch the foam and stayed for the friends I’ve made”

11. Tell us a story: Seeing’s how this is for the soap sub forum I suppose I should tell a soap related story. I have a few good soap stories (the laundry room incident comes to mind). As many here may know, I am a hobby soap maker and I like to share a few of my better creations. Earlier this year (2017) I sent a package of shave soaps and pre-shave soaps to @clyde72. Craig had heard about my various soap creations and was eager to give them a try. The thing is, I had only labeled the shave soaps NOT the pre-shave soap. So Craig grabbed the hefty pre-shave puck and proceeded to lather up for a shave. The “lather” was less than perfect but Craig had heard nothing but praise for my recent batch so he kept at it. He survived the shave but just barely…then he documented his experience in the journal section. His description of his attempt to shave with the pre-shave soap was pretty funny, funny enough I could barely compose myself long enough to respond to his post letting him know he had used the only soap in the bunch that was not meant to shave with. Needless to say I have spent the rest of the year trying to repay him for the mistake.

The moral of the story…label your stuff. Also important would be to know when to say when, if the soap isn’t cutting it move on to one that will.

12. Soap or Cream?: Soap for sure, I’m too stupid to figure out creams.

Thanks Chris for taking the time to answer our questions. Here is pic of Chris:


And lastly you might be asking yourself what is the laundry incident? Well if they handed out a B&B award for funniest post ever this would be in the running. Here it is: CBLindsay's Journey into Mixed Blade Mastery

Thanks again Chris for answering our questions.

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Great interview @CBLindsay aka Chris!

Needless to say I have spent the rest of the year trying to repay him for the mistake.

And you did, even though it was not expected!

if the soap isn’t cutting it move on to one that will.

Lesson learned, once again. The rest of the story is I had just started straight razor shaving and was reading how so many prefer a thin slick lather, which in my mind was what I had with this soap.

And lastly you might be asking yourself what is the laundry incident? Well if they handed out a B&B award for funniest post ever this would be in the running. Here it is: CBLindsay's Journey into Mixed Blade Mastery

Although not soap related, don't forget about the "CA" incident. And the following post that refer to said incident.
Ah yes, the CA incident...that one still has me a bit jumpy. I treat that large bottle of CA with great care. I was quite lucky to survive that one.
Thanks Chris!

CBLindsay is also the creator of “The Veg” Shaving soap, which I was lucky enough to get a puck of. And no, the postman still hasn’t forgiven me!
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