Soap Doming: The Soap Dishing Fix

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    Have you ever noticed that no matter how hard you try to be even about it, shaving soap always dishes out in the middle, leaving you with high sides and a hole in the center? If you let it go long enough, the hole will touch the bottom of the container and you'll end up with soap in a ring around the outside.

    For some reason this bugs me and I want to fix it. My technique is very basic: I just run my finger around the outside, digging the soap out to form kind of a "moat" around the outside. I dig up a good bit of soap while doing this and I deposit it in the middle. After I've dug a reasonably sized moat, I press the extra soap into the middle, forming a dome. My reasoning is that if it is going to naturally become concave, then I'll start with it convex, which should make that take a long time, relative to starting flat.

    What I didn't realize, until I tried this a few times, is that domed soap is GREAT for loading. Soap seems to load faster and more easily. I think it's a combination of the brush making more contact with the dome shape than it would with a flat puck *and* the fact that I have disturbed the soap and maybe made it a bit softer.

    All I know is that doming makes loading easier and it keeps the dishing from happening for a long time. It seems like I'm going to end up doing 2 or maybe 3 domings until a soap is totally used up. Not all that much labor for a nice return I think. If you're a little crazy like me, you might give it a try.

  1. I've loaded from the bottom of the puck before, mostly to save the imprinted logo, then dropped the soap back in its dish. Definitely prevents the concavity!
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    Excellent idea! I did that recently with CRSW with great success. It was very easy since it’s such a soft soap.
  3. All my new pucks go in the container upside down. Works great.
  4. Awesome idea, I'll have to try it.
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    Interesting concept, thanks for sharing.
  6. Roy


    Hi, I thought WHAT!! SO I tried it with a puck of SV Dolomiti nearing the end its life. Normally I just make pucks level.
    All I can say is WOW! My chubby 3 brush loaded loads of soap like I've never seen in a few seconds, and created loads of lather in the soap tin. Of course it may not work tomorrow, but it was amazing today. i face lather .
    Do try it guys with all your half used soap pucks.
  7. Roy


    Brian, tried it and was totally amazed at how quickly tge brush loaded and created luxurious lather in the tin .
  8. What I have been doing with my soaps (as recent as yesterday with the remainder of a puck of Oleo Jacmel) is to simply use it until the ring forms and loading gets difficult, and to then grab the remaining soap out of the puck, reshape it with my hands and push it back into the middle of the container and even it out. That always gives me a slight dome shape and has indeed proven to help with loading.

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