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Soap/Cream with Denim Gold Scent

I'm in love with the scent of the Denim Gold After Shave, does anyone have any recommendations of a soap or cream that's inspired by that fragrance?
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Ah, heck. (I like the word "heck" on websites that can be sensitive about language : it's an even blend of the two words I really wanted to use.)

Afraid I can't help you yet on that one - but I've just discovered that in addition to the two I already have there are two more Denim flavours I want to try, and two with weirder names that I might get around to smearing round my face at some point.

For what it's worth - and it's compatibility rather than being the same smell - I particularly like using the "Original" with Erasmic and Wickham's Citrus Musk.

(P.S. : Just went shopping, so I might have something more to go on next week...)

[P.P.S. : I'd ended the P.S. on three dots before I noticed.]
It's arrived (along with a bottle of the "black").

Yep. I like the smell, too. There's certainly something of the vanilla about it. I've been wandering around the bathroom sniffing for a couple of hours, but I don't have anything that's the same. If no one else has any suggestions, a puck of unscented soap with a few drops poured over it might do the trick.

Meanwhile, I've had a few ideas that I think would work with it . But I was wrong thinking it would be close to the smell of "original" : Citrus Musk isn't a great match and Erasmic would be a lot better with the Original or the Black. I'm thinking of giving it a go with Stirling Haverford, Haslinger Schafmilch and TFS Rasozero Barbacco. They're nothing like it, but I think they'd be a good fit - though that's where we drift into personal opinion...
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