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Soap/Cream preference given Razor preference

Do you generally prefer soaps over creams (or vice versa) or is it totally dependent on the individual product itself? If you do generally like one over the other, but have some stand-out product that belongs to the other group, what is it?

Please also include with what you use to shave (DE, Straight, cartridge). My contention is that this plays a LARGE role in whether you are a "soap guy" or a "cream guy."

I use a straight razor, and at this point in time, categorically like soaps over creams. I think soaps are slicker and provide a closer shave. I also get every bit as much protection from a soap as I do creams.

By the way, I wish creams worked better for me. The scent of a nice cream can not be matched by that of soap, for the most part. However, I do have some nice smelling soaps (C&E Nomad, AOS sandalwood).

I think it's more dependant on the person than the product, Drew. Some folks like creams some like soaps. I am a cream guy, I can get a better more lubricating lather easier with cream than with soaps, others are the other way around, they like soaps rather than cream.

I don't think it's product related, at least not for me. I've tried lots and lots of soaps and other than Sue's St. Charles soap (a close second to my creams), they don't lather well and I don't get as nice a shave.

I use either a Gillette SuperSpeed with feather blades or a Featherjector (Schick injector razor with cut-down feather Professional blades) for all my shaving needs whether I use soap or cream.

Prefer: Shaving soaps.

Razor Rotation: Assortment of straight razors, Merkur Vision, Merkur Slantbar, and Schick Injector.

Beard Type: Very coarse and wiry.

Skin Sensitivity: I rarely have any irritation.

Skin Type: Middle ground. Not dry or oily.
Gee Drew that's a tough one. I generally get closer shaves with soaps. My favorite soaps are Floris, Penhaligons, Tabac and Saint Charles.

Nevertheless, I do get great shaves with shave creams. My favorite shave creams are Trumpers Cococut, T&H Almond, Nancy Boy and Vulfix Sandalwood.
I used to use just about only creams, but now, I've changed to the point where I'm about 50/50 on creams and soaps. My favorite soaps are Rivivage, Gold-Dachs Spezial, Tabac, and L'Occitane. I find that soaps, especially the ones I've mentioned deliver a somewhat closer shave than some creams.

This is a daily question for me. Some morning I absolutely must get out my Classic brand Lime soap. Other mornings, only a Taylor's cream will suffice. Lately, I've been known to lather up a soap and then put a small dollop of cream into the breach of the brush. I think the quality of the individual product plays more into whether or not I will be a repeat buyer of something.

Soap one day, cream the next. Repeat.

I love both and would hate to have to decide on just one. I prefer soaps for a slightly closer shave and creams for luxurious, fragrant lather.

DE for me.

Favorite soaps :
D R Harris
Will G

Hmmmm... Excellent topic Drew. As I think about it, I definitely consider myself a cream guy, but for some reason, I have a lot more soaps, and find myself collecting soaps at a faster rate than creams.

I too enjoy the smells of creams, but some soaps (QED comes to mind in particular) have outstanding scents.


I use a Vision DE btw.
I can't do without either soaps or creams. :blush:

However, I am more likely to choose a cream based on the the cologne I am going to wear (or vice-versa), rather than which razor I will use.
Not sure why but I find that my T&H cream provides a smoother shave than MWF soap with the small head Blackland Vector.
I use both soaps and creams, but my elite products are soaps.

I shave with straight razors some days and with DE razors on others. When shaving with straight razors and with aggressive DE razors, I like to produce a thick lather that has a lot of cushion and provides protection from the blade. With a mild DE razor, cushion is less important. Some people believe they get closer shaves when the lather provides less cushion.

You can control the amount of cushion by the selection of your soap or by changing the level of hydration of the soap. Some people like thick, rich lathers resembling Greek yogurt. Some people like lathers that are like whipped cream, but are still slick. It is a matter of personal preference.


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I use soaps mainly but I do like creams. It doesn’t matter for me what razor as I mainly use DE razors with the odd cartridge shave thrown in.
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