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Soap Color Poll

Ideally, what is the best color for shaving soap?

  • White

  • Colored (e.g. green for lime)

  • White and flecked (e.g. green flecks for lime)

  • Colored -- but only using natural dyes

  • Color is not a factor for me

Results are only viewable after voting.
Color isn't a factor for me, but I do like it if the color matches the scent. The don't usually know if the cream/soap is colored anyways until after I've purchased it.
Color doesn't affect me. It could be pink with purple and green polka dots for all I care, just make a good usuable soap.
I'm feel a little weird when I see a soap or cream that has an really intense unnatural color. Green is fine for lime just not neon green. I wouldn't have any problem if all my creams and soaps were white/beige.
I voted for white but I am not against anything that is natural. I don't care if it is pink, lavender, yellow or whatever just something with as little additives as possiable.
While I can't say I wouldn't buy a colored soap. I would like to think they didn't need to add anything extra to it that doesn't make the shave better/make my skin better after the shave. But while I would look for a white/not colored soap, I wouldn't not buy a soap if it was colored...

I also think that if it is colored, its a very light faint color... I wouldn't mind that. the GFT posted above I think I would stay away from...
I voted white, but that was only because it was the closest choice to "all natural". I prefer my soaps to have no un-necessary ingredients. Some "white" soaps have colorants such as titanium dioxide added to make them "whiter". I would prefer that the soap were it's natural color. I don't feel titanium dioxide is in any way harmful to health, I'd just rather have more "soap" in my soap.

Osma soap is very much yellow/brown in color, not due to coloring, but due to a very high concentration of raw shea butter in it's formulation. I prefer that the soap IS this yellowish color, not because I like yellow soap, but because it doesn't have any ingredients that have been added just to make it white.

I won't refuse to buy a soap because it happens to have whitening agents, but given two soaps of equal performance, I'll go for the soap with the least number of "fluff" ingredients.

And yes, if I asked what my favorite soap is, the one that I would choose if I could only use a single soap for the rest of my life, it would be the un-scented version of Martin de Candre, a top performing soap, which also has the fewest ingredients of any shave soap I've found.
I concur with what several others have already voiced and say white because, more often than not, color would likely mean the addition of dye...

And since I don't really care what color a soap is as long as it creates a great lather and smells good, I figure why add in the cost of dye to the price and why add an unnecessary artificial ingredient that does nothing for your skin...

Of course, since all I care about is lather quality and scent, in those instances where color is a default occurrence due to other essential ingredients - say olive oil in the case of some bath soaps, or shea butter as Brian mentioned - I'm fine with the presence of color.
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Going to resurrect this old thread as I was searching to see if there was anything on the subject.
Most of the soaps I have tried have all been a pretty neutral color but recently I was gifted a sample of Ouroboso shave soap.
Although it is a very good soap for shaving I can't seem to get past the color.
Its Brown and makes a fecal chocolate liquid while making lather. There's just something that is unpleasant about putting this on my face.
I like the scent as well but have to say no Bueno to this one.
Yikes that sounds a little harsh. I really wonder if the sample was somehow contaminated. I haven't had the opportunity to try their soaps but the lather appears white in photos and video reviews.
Update: I reached out to Murphy and McNeil. They responded, "It's a darker colored soap but if lathered properly would be white," adding that they'd be happy to respond to any concerns. "Folks should know we'll always take care of them if there are issues w/our stuff!"
Yikes that sounds a little harsh. I really wonder if the sample was somehow contaminated. I haven't had the opportunity to try their soaps but the lather appears white in photos and video reviews.
Dang! I'd hate to hear his take on coffee, chocolate pudding, hot chocolate, refried beans and other brown items ...
I've got some soaps from a well-known artisan that looks brownish in the tub, but whips up to a white lather. Maybe I'm just not the squeamish or overly-sensitive type, but the non-white color didn't even occur to me to be in any manner 'fecal' related.