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Soap characteristics

I haven't done much with soaps yet, still going through various canisters of creams (TOBS, Zirh, AOS, etc.). But I'm willing and able (and addicted?) to spend some cash and play with soaps too.

I actually bought some from Soap Shed in NC and was completely unimpressed (thin lather, scents weak):thumbdown. Also sprung for a puck from Edwin Jagger that is far better. So what should I be looking for in the pucks as ingredients?
What did you pick up that your unimpressed with?

Consider picking up the following:
  • Mitchell's Wool Fat
  • Tabac
  • Palmolive shave stick
  • Proraso
  • Valobra Shave Stick
  • Speick Shave Cream & Stick


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Every single tallow soap I have used performed better than any non tallow soap with a very very few exceptions.
Taaaaaaaaaalllloooooooooooooooow! :thumbup:

Tallow, tallow, tallow.

Tallow does not make soap into a shaving soap, but a good shaving soap with tallow in it can be awesome.
I love Tallow/Lanolin as well, but I must say that there very very good non-tallow based soaps as well. Two top notch Glycerin-based soaps that come to mind are:

SRD Bulgarian Rose
Mama Bear soaps (any)
Hmm. I'm getting a vibe here about a good ingredient to look for. :laugh:

Josh (nice avatar) -- the soap shed in NC makes its own and the soaps were not dense like the EJ soap I have (which is good, if a bit pricey considering its diminutive size).
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