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Soap Bowl/Dish compatability

Hey there Gents, I'm wondering if there are certain brands of triple milled or tallow based soaps that have bowls that match up with other pucks real nice? As these cannot be melted, I wouldn't mind throwing down on a bowl one time, say an AOS sandlewood, if I knew TOBS pucks and some others would fit well later. Any of you with serious soap/bowl ADs have the scoop?
Also, are there bowls that you think are better quality? I kinda like the look of the Provence Sante as far as durability goes, and I've been wanting to check out that soap anyway. Would love to hear your opinions-
Swapped the following: Floris, TOBS, DR Harris, Penhaligons, AoS. My other soaps are either clearly incompatible or have third party bowls.

AoS is a little wider than the others and has a flat bottom. You'll have to slice or force the soap to fir the other bowls. Other soaps will fit, but will extra space. Because of the flat bottom, DR Harris and Penhaligons are better fits, while the other soaps are unstable due to their round bottoms.

Floris & TOBS will fit each other. They're both two wide to fit the other bowls. With their round bottoms, they'll not secure tightly to the AoS bowl.

DR Harris will fit any of the bowl rather snugly, except the AoS bowl which it fits loosely. While it fits, the flat bottom of the soap makes me worry what water might collect underneath in the other bowls, particularly floris and ToBS, but also Penhaligons.

Penhaligons fits them all except DR Harris, and it has space in AoS. It does seem to be a bad fit for DR Harris. Depending on how you orient it, it might fit or not, but it looks like it never really bottoms out.

My DR Harris bowl is a large grain wood, and clearly warped out of round. I can feel the lid tighten as I rotate it in the bowl, and the soap only fits in one orientation. While I'm no wood expert, the large grain and poor finish suggest this would be a more common problem with this bowl. The Penhaligons bowl has a different largish grain wood, but it seems to be much better finished, and true round to my simple test of rolling the soap and top around, so I am merely suspicious of it with no evidence of any problems. The other bowls all seem to be tight grained wood or hard wood, and dark stained, and all look to be of comparable quality build and finish.

You can cut the bottom off the round soaps, and slice the sides off the wide soaps. It's your call whether to accept the typical 1/8" of space you'll get by putting the other soaps in the AoS bowl.
The Penhaligons above is the tallow 5th.

There's [thread=132502]another thread about this[/thread].
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