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FS Soap Blowout - Declaration, Caties ADP clone, Zingari - Everything Must Go!

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I subscribe to the belief that the most expensive soap is the soap you don't use. These soaps are from some of my favorite makers, but the scents don't appeal to someone in my household. Therefore they need to leave. I'm pricing things so that you can't afford to not buy them!

Declaration Grooming Lot: 5 soaps from one of my favorite makers - only $50.00 shipped CONUS. (This is well less than half of what the soaps cost me new.) The Mayflower was scooped once. The Rose Santal, the Cerberus, and the Contemplation have had a tiny bit taken (a gram maybe?) from the side so that I could test the scent with my Wee Scot. The Champs de Lavande is a spare that I have and is untouched.


Catie's Bubbles - Parma Inspiration. $11.00 shipped CONUS. (Retails for $19.00 plus shipping.) Scooped once. This is an exclusive scent made by/for Razor Blades and More Co. My understanding is that it's a near perfect clone of AdP. I like Catie's a lot, but the scent doesn't work for me.


Zingari Man - The Gypsy. Soap and Recovery Splash $23 shipped CONUS. (Retail $46). Another soap where the scent didn't work for someone in my household. I love both pineapple and cucumber so this seemed like a no-brainer for me. Soap was scooped and I used the splash once. The Recovery Splash is a non-alcohol toner that works well.

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