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Soap additives?(lanolin)

I know some here like to add a little glycerin to their soaps and creams to make for a better lather.

How about adding Lanolin?
I have two bottles of the stuff, pure lanolin, and was wondering, what would happen if I add it to my Col. Conk soap for my shave today? How much should I add?
Will it be hard on my brush?


Didn't people like van der Hagen's old Deluxe soap, because it had Lanolin? Why not start with just a small dollop (1/2 teaspoon)?
Lanolin is one of the most important ingredients in MWF and why the soap has legions of fans. It leaves your face nice and soft.

The only possible downside is that some folks are highly allergic to lanolin. But as far as your experiment goes...I would go with a very small amount to start IMHO.
I saw the MWF connection, but did not know if it would harm/stick to my brush.
I may bust out the Omega for this one, and leave the silvertip out.
Ok, so I just finished up my shave.

Col.Conk Bay Rum, about a teaspoon of lanolin, and my silvertip.:eek:

Lather was markedly thinner than without lanolin, and it broke down rather fast in the bowl. Stayed decent enough on my face, but by the time I got to my right cheek, it was breaking down, and needed a refresh. Not a bad thing, rubbing your face with hot soapy dead badger, not at all.

As for the shave, smooth going, slick, but little cushion for the straight.
I could take it or leave it to be honest, it does nothing special for the actual shave.

I finished up with Pinaud Clubman, no burn, so there must have been some cushioning going on.(Clubman only really burns when I have a bad shave)

My face feels amazing!
Smooth, soft,(BBS helps too) and feels very moisturized.
I may have to experiment more with this stuff, maybe next time, with the CO Bigelow, and the T&H Lavender. Maybe even Williams :lol:
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