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Soap Acquisition Thread


Even more clueless than you
I received Oaken Batavia v3 this week and used it yesterday for the first time. I wasn’t impressed. Reviews that I have read or watched were lavish in there praise. I did not find the soap that slick and my view was that it was significantly inferior to some other artisan soaps in my rotation. I will give it another go before deciding this one is not for me.
Thanks, I got lucky with it, the seller just listed it as "Penhaligons shaving soap" without the usual "Vintage/Rare/NOS" etc that tends to drive up prices!

Even better when they don't use those keywords like you said it drives up price and draws attention from other bidders. Many Vintage soaps perform remarkably well hope this is one of them as well:)
I ordered the

Fine Accoutrements soaps (old formula):

# Santal Absolut
# Italian Citrus
# Lavender Pour Homme
# Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic
# TFS Mandarino
# TFS Rabarbaro
# Samples (50-100 gm) of TFS - Spiffero, Agrumella
# Proraso Single Blade - Wood and Spice, Cypress and Vertyver
# Haslinger - Schafmilch, Sage

Yes, that's it.
I have enough soap to last a few years, and I’ve been resisting the temptation to order more until I finish my first tub (I’ve only been at this a short while), but it was my birthday recently, so the wife ‘allowed’ me to treat myself to A&E Kaizen AND Tabac in its ceramic bowl, allowing me to free the stick only for travel use. I can’t wait to try the A&E!
Great service from a small Canadian/local estore..with handwritten note, pencil and sample and everything.
The shave sticks lathers well surprisingly and great for travel or quick shave.
Empire is beautiful..unfortunately missed Canada day shave with this soap

I may have just discovered a Bay Rum I love more than Ogallala!

Murphy & McNeil Bád Mór. Smells like an ancient oriental spice merchant caravan (or, how I imagine one would smell, anyway). If it performs anything like their other soaps, I seriously think I’ve found my forever soap, and I’ll be picking up the AS, EdT, and bar soap.

0F51EFAA-51F5-4DF9-8DA5-16662B3EA969.jpeg BB968B94-7069-4216-8C45-122CC1F628ED.jpeg
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