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Soaking shave brush in hot water


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So, I think I would avoid very hot water, but I think any water that won't burn your fingers/hands is fine for the brush and if a company making shaving brushes in 2023 isn't using a knot adhesive that is water proof can can withstand the temps of tap water, they should quit making brushes and issue an apology to the shaving community for their ignorance.

Go ahead, ask my opinion :)


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Now that Jim has shared his beautiful brush soak container, I'm going to share mine too.

The blade strop device "GLASHARP" made of uranium glass is very suitable for soaking and makes shaving more like a mysterious magic ritual.

Contemporary brushes made by reputable brands usually use better resins to hold the hair in place; but many in the B&B have shaving brushes that have lasted a lifetime, even inherited brushes from their father...difficult to determine the composition and state of preservation of the bonding agent, So more caution may have to be taken.
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