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So What Razor Could You Not Do Without...Ever?

Is there a shaver you just can't imagine yourself not having? A razor that means something to you in ways that might even be hard to explain? Not necessarily a "grail" razor although it could to fall into that category. I'm talking about something that just fits you to a "T".
I have 8 razors that all shave me extremely well. These 8 are all very well designed, good looking and efficient without being scary.
For example...my Lambda Athena is absolutely the most gorgeous modern razor I have ever seen.
BUT...the one razor I cannot do without is my Smart-Helix Apollo. It is a very good shaver, extremely well made and very attractive. The shave can be either mild or a bit more aggressive by simply flipping the base plate over. A very good handle which is not slippery in the least. Shaving angles are intuitive and easy to figure out. Is it my best shaver? The 8 I have are all very close but this one means something more for me.
That's because I am Ukrainian. My parents, their parents (born in Ukraine) and further back, all from Ukraine. So this razor truly has a deep relevance for me considering what's happening now. I'm in contact with the folks of Smart-Helix and they're doing as well as can be expected.
So this is my one razor that I will never part with and will maybe become handed down at some point...or maybe it goes with me.


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It's taken me a year to assemble my top 6 razors, in addition to my original ESC Claymore Evolution. I wouldn't want to choose just one of them at the moment, but they are all becoming my close "friends". I just got my first Wolfman: a WR2 0.95 in Bronze with a Darwin and WRH 3/7 handles just the other day. It's as beautiful as my Athena. Both those razors shave like a dream for me, but the other ones I own would a loss if they were to depart.

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I don’t there is any razor I couldn’t live without. In any event I remained alive with no particular feelings of despair before I bought any of my razors.

I agree with the OP that my Smart-Helix Apollo is one of the razors I am most happy that I have. Part of that is sentimental since it was shipped to me just before the invasion started, as well as not knowing when these will be made again, but it’s also a very fine razor. As for the rest - I have several razors that are my favourites, and I am certainly attached to them, but I have enough that there is no single one I couldn’t manage without.
Tradere OC-00145 & Tradere SB-00325

They are not utterly unique in shaving ability, as the Lupos and Game Changers perform very very similarly, depending which plate you go with. But the combination of form & function is second to none that I have ever had the pleasure of beholding in person.
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