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So, What is it?

Bought this on E-Bay since I'm apparently a sucker for open combs lately. The seller calls it a Tech, since it's in a Tech box,
What is it really? Looks different than my other Old Types.
Gillette Old Type.jpg
Tech Box.jpg
Sorry guys, I've gotta go with BBS-1's answer. He seems to have the in-depth insight & knowledge you all lack.

Seriously now: It's still in the mail, so the only photos are from the seller. I've already got a Tech to correctly fit the box & will post actual pics upon delivery.

Nice NEW Short Comb. I have the exact same one... got it replated in nickel. It’s really a fantastic little shaver.

99C65741-3DCD-43AD-AFB3-245CB3E31428.jpeg A951707E-760B-4BA7-909C-025094984BA2.jpeg
That nickel looks nice! You'll find it gives a nice shave. I put a Rapira LUX with 3 shaves on it into mine & it ran great!


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