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So nice to re-acquaint with "old friends."

My wife and I were away for a lovely weekend at a beautiful bed & breakfast in the Green Mountains of Vermont, the first time we've been away from home in quite a while, and the first time I've used my travel dopp kit in a long time. So it was many many months since I used my "travel shave kit" and I forgot how much I loved it ! My original Merkur 34 razor with a Feather blade, and a real nice face lather with an old half empty tube of Tabac cream and my little Simpsons Special Best travel brush. A few splashes from my old travel bottle of Thayer's witch hazel to finish it off. WOW ! A sweet sublime BBS shave, with a wonderful silky smooth post-shave facial feel and a terrific overall result. And yes, I'm enjoying a terrific rotation of soaps, creams, razors, and brushes at home ..... but it was so nice to "re-acquaint myself with some old friends" over the weekend !
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