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So my shedder finally did something.

Had a M&F for maybe three years or so now. It would shed a hair or two almost every use. Never really any change. I combed it out a few times, never did anything. Today after using it I noticed a small tuft of hairs sticking up, pulled them out and got this. As you can see by where the glue is and the loft of the brush, they were all just BARELY clinging to the knot by the very tips being glued in. Another combing got 3 more hairs out and then it stopped. We'll see if the shedding ends (it was just hairs from this now-removed clump coming out) or if it was a more significant problem with the knot itself. The good news is the clump was small enough it hasn't even left a gap in the bloom of the brush.

My other M&F I've owned just as long and has never shed a hair. Just got unlucky with this one I suppose.


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I had one shedder from Lee but it was a shedder from day 1. Started losing a few hairs right away and then a big clump from the center of the knot and it was done. Lee promptly replaced it. Even though it's a few years old it might be worth contacting Lee.
I had a Boreal that shed in clumps like that. It never stopped, and eventually developed a big hole in the middle. Hopefully your brush will not go down that road.
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