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So I bought a Mingoose.

OK, I'm resurrecting this thread a year later. I see that Maggard still has Mingooses (Mingeese?) in stock and I've really been enjoying the AC razors I've been using recently. So of course I'm now thinking about this one. Are any of you still using your Mingoose? @CK89 ? @guitarslinger ? Anyone else?
mine is just kind of sitting in storage. It’s a clunky looking design. I think I get better shaves from type L injectors. That said, I’ve kind of migrated over to gems. And back to de and ac. Not as firedup about mingeese this year.
I tried the minigoose last fall into winter after selling off all my razors except injectors. I let it go as even with a 41g titanium stork Ex3 handle, it was not light enough for my tastes.

The shaves however were excellent same as the alumigoose.

I was in love with the alumigoose but the width of the ac blades were not my cup of tea.

If the minigoose were made in aluminum at a price under 80 usd, it would be an excellent modern design for injector blades and definitely taken more seriously.
Sounds good. I plan to test them out next week. Not sure if I will do a half face test or do one for a week then the other. Thoughts?
I’m doing a half face test of German Wilkinsons against my standard DE blades right now. I don’t want to do that for weeks of shaves, though. My approach would probably be to half face test for 2 or 3 days then take a run with each.

I have zero modern injectors, so I’m interested in hearing about both the Supply and the Mingoose. The price tag on the Mingoose is a high bar for me, though.
Day one in the books. Mongoose on left side, supply on right. Both loaded with Schick Proline b20 blade. Had to do a quick shave so one pass and touch ups. The angle on both is very different. Supply you almost have to shave with the razor perpendicular to face. Mini goose is almost DE like in angle. The cap has a slant which you use to guide the shave. Both were efficient and nick free. Tomorrow I will switch to doing Supply on left.
Now shaved switching sides 4 times. They definitely have a different feel/angle to them. I feel the 2 dot on the supply is about the same efficiency as the Minigoose. I might up the Supply to the 3 dot the next couple of shaves. Still enjoying both and feel you can’t go wrong with either and will probably hold onto both.