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So how long does it take??

I'm new to the forum and to advanced shaving techniques. Have been shaving with a Mach 3 and gel for years. Last few months have bought brush, creams, DE razor and blades, RMWS stuff and have been experimenting with them all. The more I experiment, the more raw I become. I thought this was going to be fun! I going to have to buy more balm and creams until I get this figured out. Shave is pretty good though (what's left of my face).

How do you tip-toe into this without making it too painful?
Slow and easy my friend! The important thing to remember when you first begin - is there is a fine line between close - and too close. It take awhile to learn the DE, and brush techniques, different creams, etc etc. Back off the pressure (very light touch), start with just ONE NS pass for the first week. Then move to one NS pass, and one crossways pass WITH the grain. After a week or two, try shaving the thrid pass against the grain. You should NOT have any sort of irritation and the like - but even the most experienced guys will have a bad shave every now and again. 25 out of 30 days I get flawless shaves, the other 5 usually account for me screwing up big time, then paying the price for the next few days before I get back to super smooth.

Take 'er slow and easy, and do not expect immediate results. Try this method, and keep us continually posted, and give us daily updates. If you run into problems, I/WE can guide you step by step. If need be, I can take a smattering of pictures, and/or try to figure out some videos.

Good luck and keep us posted!
Hey Rick, Start with whatever razor you are used to. Add some Taylor Avocado, make sure your brush has enough hydration, rehydrate the shaving cream, slow cuts, you will be a ball player in the majors before you know it. Take your time & enjoy it.


Welcome to Badger and Blade! You have received some good advice already. Start simple and let your face adapt while you learn. Stick with one razor and cream/soap and one NS pass for a while and see how it goes. It takes time for your face to adapt. Closeness will come with time and experience; for now just concentrate on getting no irritation.

Perhaps if you posted a bit more detail on your equipment that might help. With a DE, really focus on angle (think cut, not scrape - get your DE more parallel with the floor, perhaps a 30 degree angle or so, and a VERY light touch. Let the weight of the razor do the work).

Hope this helps, and post again with how it is going!
I started on a whim while at Nordstom's buying a Truefitt and Hill brush, Almond Shaving Cream and 1805 Balm. Liked it but the brush started to shed so much within the first week that I was shaving more brush hair than my own. Took it back and decided to get a better one. I now have a Simpson's PJ#3 along with some of Charles Robert's shaving products. I have the HD Merkur with feather blades (didn't read that you should be experienced to use this until after I bought it). I don't think I'll have to upgrade my equipment for awhile. Just have to learn to use what I own.
My technique is as follows:

I always boil a kettle full of water, pour it in my bathroom sink, and steam my face for two minutes. During that time I am soaking my brush in my shave mug (filled with hot tap water).

When the two minutes are up, I pour out the water in the mug, let the brush drip (how much depends on the cream/soap), whip up the shave cream, and get to work.

Do not push on the razor, let it, not you, do the work. I only shave in a N-S direction (though I sometimes do touch-ups around my jawline in a sideways direction). After that, I use warm water to remove the excess shave cream and wash my face with a gentle cleanser (a lot of gentlemen do not like washing afterwards, but it works very well for me).

It sounds like you have a good brush and shave cream. Personally, I hate the T&H balms. The unscented drove my face crazy. Proraso's A/S Balm and Trumper's Coral Skin Food are much better in my opinion.
Have you ever thought of shaving in the shower? I have been doing it since I started shaving about 23 years ago. Even when I used to use the cartridges.

The one and only time I shaved at the sink like most of the gents here, I tore my face up and will never do it again.

Both the Truefitt and Hill and Trumpers catalogs say (see quote from T & H webiste below) to shave during or right after a hot shower.

Truefitt and Hill Website said:
If possible, shave during or after a hot shower

I do it for the following reasons:

1) I do not have ANY irritation, although I do occasionally get a nick or two (only when I use a Feather DE blade which is the sharpest around), but I do not consider it irritation.

2) When/if I do get a nick, the water from the shower helps clot the blood and when I am done with the shower/shave, I have no need for a stick to stop the bleed.

3) When I think of the term "wetshaving," that is exactly what I am performing, a wet shave while in the shower, the hot water helps create steam which helps to keep my face hydrated and my whiskers soft.

4) I believe when someone that just gets out of a hot shower and steps into a colder area in front of the mirror/sink, they get "goosebumps" which when you scrape a razor blade across would irritate the skin.

Try it, you might like it.

That invitation goes to anyone else that shaves in front of the sink as well. And if you do, let me know what you think.
In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with your razor, soap or brush. But don’t start with a feather blade. While a lot of experienced shavers with thick stubbles love them, i would not recommend them to a beginner. If your hair is not like a wire brush, go for a Voskhod, the probably most forgiving blade. Once irritation free, opt for something sharper like a nacet. If you have still trouble with a Voskhod, try some TendSkin instead of the balm.
(To start with a feather, is like learning to shoot with a desert eagle.)
Good advice above!

The point is to work on technique! Speed and variety are far, far less important at this point.

Stick with one set up, work on your prep, lather, proper razor angle and ‘NO‘ pressure.

Just my $0.02!!
Always new members, which is cool.🤷‍♂️

I like how random this one is though. Not a thread about a particular brush, razor, soap, etc. 👍👍
Here is another one from 2005 that was resurrected yesterday:


ATF. I use all three.
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I’ve searched for a topic in the past, found what I was looking for, made a comment, THEN noticed the thread was 10yrs old. As long as the info is still relevant I don’t see any issue with resurrecting Zombie threads.
I’ve searched for a topic in the past, found what I was looking for, made a comment, THEN noticed the thread was 10yrs old. As long as the info is still relevant I don’t see any issue with resurrecting Zombie threads.
Agreed, but I don’t see how giving someone advice 18 years after they asked for it is relevant, especially since the OP hasn’t been back in 17 years.
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