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So I started using camel frost several months back. My wife is not happy about it, considering she is a dental assistant who works for her mother, a dentist. I have failed miserably trying to convince her that it is much safer than dip.

Nonetheless, I started using General portions in mint flavor. Two at a time deliver the punch I need. I want a different flavor/brand. I really liked the camel frost flavor, although it probably is not real snus. So I am thinking about ordering a sampler online. I tend to lean towards the sweeter flavors. Two questions. Do the sweeter flavors last, and are the higher nicotine portions any better, so I don't have to use 2 at a time.
I never found anything that satisfied me like frost. Wonder if it was the substance or the purity? Hard flavor to match. Tried General sampler, and found all too salty. Fortunately after a struggle I am now about 2.5 weeks nicoteine free. Clearly I miss it as I am commenting about the favors of it. Good luck!
I can't remember what Camel Frosted tastes like, I haven't had it in years, but I'd second trying some form of Thunder. Jakobsson's Mint, Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice, and 12 Lab Series are also all mint flavored and strong portions. A sampler is definitely a good way to go to try lots of stuff.

The strong portions definitely do have more nicotine in them. I've used two General portions at the same time before as well. One strong portion gives me the same effect.
Some other great mint snus' include Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice and Jakobbsons Mint. Jakobssons makes a solid wintergreen too.

Personally, I dislike most snus from Thunder. The flavors sound good but they just don't deliver.

Some of my other favorite flavored snus include Goteborgs Rape Lime, Goteborgs Rape Lingon, and the Lab Fresh Lemon.

None of the above are overly sweet, but if that's what you're looking for, try Jakobssons Watermelon or Nick & Johnny Green Spyke. Both are sweet, but good.

EDIT: if you want to try something that's not as flavored as the ones we've mentioned, I highly suggest General Onyx. It's a strong portion that tastes really peppery, with a hint of lemon. Might sound odd, but it's incredible. Might be my favorite portion snus on the market right now.
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I would like to add that it doesn't have to be mint. I will try any flavor.

In that case, definitely check out the Nick & Johnny line. All of their snus is strong portion. Snus Central sells a Nick & Johnny sampler. That's a good way to figure out what you like.
Hit my local shop today. Picked up some general wintergreen and original. The wg, is quite pleasant, but reminds me of my younger years when I tried dipping. Dip never panned out for me, and always made me sick. I chewed red man and Levi garret when I was in high school and I could gut all of the spit. Recently, I tried skoal mint pouches as well as Copenhagen pouches and I don't like the way my breath smells. I stumbled upon skoal snus, and it has been my staple for a month or so. I am still going to order a snus sampler those.
Not sure what your reasons for using snus are, but Skoal, Marlboro, and Camel snus aren't of the same standard as Swedish snus brands such as General. Read up on the difference between Swedish snus and American snus. Swedish snus is regulated by Sweden's food standards (specifically GothiaTek) where as American snus doesn't have such regulation. TSNA levels in Swedish snus are very low while there is little, if any, information on American snus TSNA levels.

*I am not a doctor. I don't even play one on TV.
Yeah, I figured all of that out after I started using camel snus. Searching here, I found the article in gents essentials and was hooked. The higher quality of Swedish snus intrigued me, and now I have to have it. Kind of like DE shaving. It's some of the finer things and life, and bb is a place that makes a man feel good about wanting nice things.
General also makes a snus that I would say is very similar to camel frost called General Nordic Mint. I guess it has been "re-engineered to apeal to Americans taste". Their words, not mine. I find its a mix between the General Mint and the Camel Frost.
BuySnus and SnusCentral are both good. Your best bet is to put the same items into carts on each site and compare the overall price per can including shipping.
I'm getting general locally for $3.33 a can. Playing around earlier I saw that a roll would run me $5.50 a can. And I see they are using ups mostly, is that the new norm?
I will pay the extra few dollars for the quality of Swedish snus. I have only tried general so I would like to try some other flavors. I hated dip, it always moved in my mouth, and usually made me sick. Is it worth giving loose a shot?
If you had trouble with dip moving around, snus is going to be a real challenge for you.

Snus is a MUCH finer cut than American dip. I'd stick to portions if I were you.
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