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Snuff Of The Day (SOTD)

I'm talking about nasal snuff. :001_smile

I have some nice Fribourg & Treyer French Carotte in right now and I have a can of McChrystal's Clove in my pocket.
Hang on, let me dig around in there and see if I can find something
.dig dig
Oh, got something... are you sure you really want to know what this is?
Well, a long time ago I did buy some proper snuff. I dont recall the name but one was mint and another was orange I believe. After that I made some snuff of my own! I took a lite pipe tobacco and roasted it in the oven for some time. Then I ground it up in a mortar and pestle. [Note: do not blow around a mortar and pestle or you will get tobacco dust in your eyes, never seen them so red!!!]. I then added some orange essence, a little goes a LONG way, and let it sit for a few weeks. I remember it being pretty decent and about the same as the expensive bought stuff.
I'd love to send that picture to my parents with a note saying

"Thanks for paying enough attention to me so that i didn't have to do this."


That's what you think! There's holes at the apex of the hoop, and those balls at the end screw off. It's a snorting apparatus!

No not really, he just looks retarded.
My blend of half McChrystal's O&G and half Hedges L260 is my main snuff. I sometimes chase it with a pinch of Toque Cherry Menthol.

I believe I'll have a pinch right now!
At the moment, nothing (let's leave it there), but since you reminded me, a modest pinch of Wilson's Irish High Toast in a few minutes when I abandon the computer for the comfy chair, so I'm rested enough to sleep well. A good sneeze ought to settle me right into the cushions. :001_tongu
is the effect generaly calming like tabacco smoke, or is it seriously different? (asking cuz I quit smoking, kinda)
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