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Snow Storm Ruined My Shave!

It's pretty cold here in New England and we got enough snow last night that I was up early this morning shoveling and snow blowing for a few hrs.

I'll tell you when the wind changed direction and the snow is thrown back into your face it's really wet and cold!

I didn't realize I had windburn on my face until I got out of the shower tonight and was about to start shaving. I grabbed my Black Beauty figuring I'd probably have to make adjustments on the fly but that didn't help to much.

I shave every night but tonight was just uncomfortable and by the second pass I decided to do a couple touch ups and call it quits.. :sad:

Hopefully tomorrow night will be all better because if I don't get to shave before bed I know I'm not going to sleep well.
Due to your wind burn I would suggest using moisturizer on your face. Your face is most likely really dried out.
+1 on the moisturizer. When I lived in Ohio I would feed the horses and do some work then shower but the wind chill prettymuch ended any chance of a decent shave. Then I would put some cream on my face and later in the day all was normal. Good luck and hope you are safe after the storm.
It was -3.5°F / -19.7°C when I got up this morning. I'm not even going out to my remote-start truck to plow my yard, it'll wait until tomorrow's warmer weather. :biggrin:
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