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Smoking Meat

Does anyone have experience smoking meats? I'm extremely interested in learning because I loooooovvvvveeee good BBQ and while the grill is nice/convenient, it isn't anything like the smoked stuff i've tasted. I want to start out, any tips (proper equipment, wood vs. charcoal, etc.)?
I haven't properly smoked anything yet, but a bit of tasty wood over a low-heat charcoal fire in my grill adds a lot of flavour. I'm looking into building a brick BBQ pit in Spring that I also intend to use for smoking. To that end, I've collected a number of instructional links; you may find these ones useful:


FWIW, the Weber Smokey Mountain charcoal smokers look neat, and would be a fairly inexpensive way to learn about whether you're really into it or not. You can always sell it along if it turns out to not be your thing.
I'm not on the competition circuit or anything, but I consider myself a better than average Q'er. I'm in the Egghead Cult (since '96), and I give all credit to the BGE. Even my mistakes over the years have been pretty good eating. Using a good rub, I could put your shoes in there for about 6 hours at 225 over some pecan or apple wood chips and you'd eat 'em :wink:.

Spacegeezer's idea of getting a WSM to see if you're really into it is a good one since BGEs are a bit pricey. Since BGE is local here, I tell people to get a small or medium BGE to try out if they're unsure. If they like it and want to trade up, BGE will accommodate you with a pro-rated trade in value. If they don't, they're easily sold on Craig's List.

Mine's been getting a workout the last few weeks as it does every holiday season. We've had brisket, hams, chickens, and pulled pork. Last night it was ABTs for an appetizer and NY Strips for dinner (the ABTs were a bigger hit than the steaks......the cream cheese was flavored with Old Bay seasoning and used with linguica as the filling). I had planned on ribs tonight, but SWMBO has us going out with friends. I guess I'll save them for next weekend.

FWIW, there's a lot of good Q chatter here also.
I use one of these. I've done many pork butts, a few beef briskets and ribs a plenty. My favorite is definitely the pulled pork. What I like about the ceramic cooker is that I can also use it for grilling i.e. burgers, dogs, chicken. It can also be brought to a high temperature for making pizza, which I must say, is absolutely suberb.
been smoking meat on my own since '95 and have used everything from a small water smoker to a trailer model. Best advice I can give you is nothing is written in stone. Find what works for you and do not let anyone tell you different. As long as you are happy with your cooking, that is all that matters.

There are a lot of forums for BBQ, find one that embraces you and doesn't give you absolutes. If you want to know what I use now or have any Qs, PM me. Enjoy the process, it is more fun than shaving!
i smoke every chance i can get ... from chicken, pork, deer, beef ... you name it ... i smoke it ... even cheese and beans on occasion ...



here is a link to my other pics of it in process and such ...


i just use a modified 'el cheapo' grill / smoker from wal-mart .. and it works great ...


is a great place for more information ...
There's very little in the world that's better than good BBQ.

The other suggestions are excellent; I'm a book guy, so I'll toss in a title I strongly suggest purchasing yesterday to really learn ya' good on the smoked stuff: Peace, Love & Barbecue by Mike Mills of 17th Street BBQ (three-time Memphis in May champs; best ribs and brisket ever).

It covers everything: BBQ history, anecdotes from famous Q'ers around the country, recipes for sides, mops, rubs, details on every kind of smoker, character of various woods, and much more. Really, I can't recommend it strongly enough, even for BBQ veterans. The history and stories alone are worth the price of admission.
Thanks everyone for the insight. I think I have a great starting point and will start looking. Let the smokin' begin!
I own a Brinkman smoker i bought a few years back and I truly enjoy smoking meats, beans, and cheeses (especially this time of year).
My fire is is a side box and it just takes a lot of practice to adjust the air to get the temps right.
As I said right now is a perfect time to smoke cheese because the outside temps are low and you have a certain margine of error in your fire box (make a small fire) search the internet for more info but you will make a lot of new friends when you start smoking meat!
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