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Smoked Pork Butt on the Weber - Pic Heavy

So I know there are more BBQ posts than you all can handle, but not sure if anyone has posted about smoking a pork butt a Weber kettle grill. In full disclosure, I do not have a smoker...yet. The Father-in-Law just moved nearby and he is a welder by trade. We are in the design plans to build me a smoker exactly how I want it and with the material that I want to make it out of. When we get going a will post a thread with pics on how we did it and the construction along the way.

At any rate...this is a pic heavy post and so it will take several posts to get through it. Again, apologies if this has been done before! Let's get started...

First of all you have to start with a butt. I went to one of our local stores and picked up a typical two butt pack. I picked up one of the smaller packages at about 17 pounds. Paid 99 cents a pound for it. I've seen better sales but this is pretty good price.


I went ahead and split the pack up. I have smoked two butts at the same time and it is more food than the wife and I...and the dogs...and the in-laws...and a party...and the neighbors...and a coworker can eat. I put the larger one in the freezer and was left with the smaller side...still about eight pounds.


Since it was in the fridge...I need to get it at least closer to room temperature and I want to remove excess moisture. So I wrap it up in paper towels and let it sit for a few hours. I ran to the store...making sure the raw meat was placed out of reach of my dogs.


Stay tuned for the next post in a few minutes.
So I returned from the store and I am ready to get going. I get my coals started and return to the task at hand. I unwrap the butt and get ready to inject it. Yup I said inject it. I know that this cut of pork has a good bit of fat in it and I am in no danger of drying it out or really over cooking. But I like the flavor of it. I use a "Cajun Butter" flavor from the Tony Chachere brand.


I go ahead and "jug" it up, as my brother says, with the injector. I then get down and dirty and smear the rub all over it. I use a modified Memphis rub on this that I make myself. I keep my rub in a "Mason" jar and put a lid on it that flips up tho create a shaker.


So...I am waiting for my fire to get to the right temp (between 200 and 250...ideally I would like it 225...but the day was really windy and the one bad thing with smoking on a Weber is it is hard to control temp when not perfect conditions) so I grab "one" of these :001_rolle.


Next post coming up in a few...
So I get the temp where I want it (reasonably...I'm not that worried with this cut of meat) and I put the butt on a stainless steel grilling tray. This make it easier to turn the butt around. I then place it on the grill. I am using charcoal and Pecan wood chunks to smoke.


So this is where it takes awhile. I did place a drip pan under it and poured some apple juice and water in it to create a little "humidity" in the grill. I tend the fire making sure it doesn't get too hot, adding wood when I need to as well as charcoal. About once an hour, I spray the butt with apple juice. I really wanted to use apple cider, however, apple cider is hard to find in Southern Louisiana in April...at least at a reasonable price. But apple juice will do just fine. While I am tending to all this..I decide to "one" :001_rolle of these:


I make sure that every couple of hours I rotate my butt so that the front and back get to spend equal time on the fire side. About five hours into it (estimated...those two beers are starting to kick in) I check the internal temp and discover that it is about 170 degrees.


Next post in a couple of minutes...


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Don, good stuff there man. I like to inject my pork putts too. Lately its been a mix of Worcester, apple cider vinegar and oil or melted butter.
So the internal temp is 170 and no I foil this delicious looking piece of pork. So I wrap it in foil and crank the heat up. In the foil I pour just a little bit apple juice in the bottom.


About an hour and a half latter, the internal temp is right at 200 on the thin side and about 195 on the thick side...and this bad boy is done. I wrap it, foil and all, in a towel and places it in a cooler. I want only about an hour because the natives are getting restless. I pull it out and unwrap it. It smells so good. The bone pulls out clean so I know it is done. Once I do that, pieces start falling apart. I grab two forks and start shredding. This is what I get!


We had a variety of BBQ sauce, but when this juicy and moist, I just like it by itself. The wife likes those little Hawaiian rolls and makes little sliders.

All in all it was a good day. Not my best BBQ, but honestly...no one can tell the difference except me.

So there is my adventure of smoking a pork butt on a Weber Kettle grill.
Don, good stuff there man. I like to inject my pork putts too. Lately its been a mix of Worcester, apple cider vinegar and oil or melted butter.

Thanks Aaron! I usually make my own injectables but I was a little pressed for time and it was kind of a spur of the moment thing.


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Looks great Don! There is no such thing as too many BBQ post.

I'm looking forward to seeing the thread of building a smoker.


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Even if it has been done before, you do not need to apologize- it is always good to look at BBQ. I am half tempted to grab some buns, cole slaw, and beer, and start driving your direction :biggrin:
Don, good stuff there man. I like to inject my pork putts too. Lately its been a mix of Worcester, apple cider vinegar and oil or melted butter.

I injected/marinated a chuck roast I smoked this weekend with

1 cup beef broth
1/4 cup worcerstire
1/4 cup bourbon (Old Grand-Dad!)
2 tbsp my usual bbq rub
2 tbsp lemon juice
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