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smithwick's irish ale

Just be sure not to pronounce the way it's spelled. Smit-icks. Enjoy.

The first time I had "Smidicks" was at the great Corib Pub after a local committee weekend, when a buddy said, "you have to try this stuff, it's great". I went home and told my wife about it and later that week we looked in the local "packie"(yes, gentlemen, I am married to a woman who like beer), but coudn't find anything named "Smidicks".

We had to go back to the Corib and pay attention this time.
Had it in an airport in Ireland on a layover coming back from some work-related travel. Nice was to end a trip!
Love Smithwicks. When I was in Kilkenny, Ireland I drank quite a few. That's the town where it is brewed and it tastes alot better than the stuff we get in the USA that has to jump across the pond.
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