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Smiling Citrus


Aftershaves with top notes of citrus work wonders to fan the spirit in the summer. Through the years I have tried many, and liked most. Truefitt & Hill, Geo F Trumper, Taylor of Old Bond Street and Caswell-Massey offer some of my favorites.

Until last week my stash, however, was down to Caswell-Massey's No. 6 cologne and Taylor's No. 74 Victorian Lime aftershave. I find both delightful, and part of my permanent rotation, summer or winter. Then I came across the Lime Extract aftershave splash produced by Saint Charles Shave, and ordered it. I am most pleased with the fragrance and the feel of this aftershave splash on my face.

Saint Charles' Lime Extract aftershave splash does not have the complexity of the citrus fragrances produced by some of the other labels I have tried, but I think that's by design. This is a straight forward aftershave splash that I think keeps its lime extract focus. I find it smooth and pleasantly cool.

As in most aftershaves with citrus top notes, the fragrance lasts a relatively short time, but then what better excuse to take a break during the day and splash on more? That's how I look at it, anyway.

If you like the fragrance of fresh lime, as I do, I think you might be pleased with this one, especially in the warm weather. Saint Charles also offers a "Mediterranean Citrus" aftershave splash, but I have not tried it yet and plan to do so soon — after I drop a wad on a new laptop, since this one's giving me its swan song.

I must admit, until last week I did not know of Saint Charles Shave. What good luck to find them. And I liked their prices. My order arrived quickly, and it was well packed. In my brief e-mail communication with owner Sue Moore, I found her to be a warm and classy lady.

It's good to meet people who seem to be dedicated to their creative work — and are not afraid to put on a smile.


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