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Smart-Helix Update

Good Morning. Just heard from Victor at Smart-Helix and this is what's happening with the company as of right now. As you can imagine it's a very fluid and unstable situation there which doesn't look to be changing anytime soon.

"This problem with an error in the pre-order form crashed unexpectedly as a result of some kind of malfunction in the hosting provider. The feedback form does not work for the same reason. Now we are looking into what can be done about it. If the solution of the issue is delayed, we will post a message on the website on how to place an order without a pre-order form.
Your friend hasn't lost anything yet, as we're taking pre-orders with no deadlines, and I'm not prepared to say when that will change. 130 kits are in a state of semi-preparation and we are constantly prevented from finishing even this small batch by permanent instability in everything. There is no trace left of the former way of life and business..."
I bought a couple of CNC machined metal car model kits from another Ukrainian company called TimeforMachine. They are amazingly still operating their business and their models are incredibly detailed, precise, and fun to build. Hopefully Helix, among others, can hold out until the war ends.
I myself am in Ukraine and live a social life, visiting a restaurant. No need to overdo everything. Well, they bomb and bomb. London was also bombed during World War II. We live like the British 80 years ago. A friend had a child just in the war. Some people are at the front, others are at home. Then rotation, and we change places. In the topic they write like that, as if we have the devil knows what. We've been living like this since 2014. But until 2022, they fired only in the Donbass, and now 20% of the country is under fire. They will start production soon I think. Perhaps they will transfer from Kharkov to another city. Or they will go underground, the factory will be in a bunker. It's not a problem. Israel has lived like this throughout its new history.
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