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Small review of various blades

I was lucky enough to receive a gift pack of blades & soaps from PurpleMonkey a couple weeks ago. These are the notes I made of the blade performance. I used a Fatboy or Slim set on 4, & all the shaving was single pass WTG.

1 Dorco stainless - Easy to unwrap. Rash on neck. Lotsa weeper. Likely a very sharp blade.

2 Gillette 7 o'clock super platinum (black wrap) - Double wrapped. Kinda fiddley. I thought it was sharp but the stubble showed quickly

3 Gillette 7 o'clock - Average blade. Not very sharp.

4 Gillette 7 o'clock super stainless (green wrap) - 2 wrapper makes it kinda fiddly. Good average blade. Likely a good blade for a novice.

5 Gillette - silver blue Second wrapper hard to get off. Good blade. Similar to most gillette blades.

6 Treet plat stainless - Good blade. Sharp, lotsa nicks.

7 Precision stainless - Sharp but no rash

8 Persona plat stainless - Very sharp. Minimum rash.

10 Feather - Kinda fiddly getting wrapper off blade, doesn't effect blade. Good sharp blade.

11 Derby A good blade. Some rash on bottom of neck.

12 Bic - Good blade. No rash.

13 Shark - Sharp blade. Very light rash on lower neck.

14 Astor - Very good blade. No issues

15 Perma-sharp - Very nice blade. Sharp it no overly so.

16 Lapas stainless - Very nice blade. No issues

17 Voskhod - Very nice blade. Sharp but not aggressive.

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Thanks for the review. Keep in mind that your evaluation of blades may change considerably with continued use. btw, it isn't clear which 7 o'clock blades you used, as there are quite a few.
Yes, Everyone may have different results. They may all be great blades if I adjusted the razor. I wanted to compare then all side by side. It is meant for people who might be lookin for info or new to all this.

7 oclock super platinum (black wrap), 7 oclock super stainless (green wrap), cant remember the other one, only had 1. made change to review.
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