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Small den clearing - Rex Envoy, Carlos Classic frag and odds and ends

Rex Envoy: Great stainless steel razor. Kinda hate to see this one go, but I'm holding to my one-in-one-out rule on razors and with my new brass Blackbird, something's gotta give. My principled stand can be your gain. Nice smooth shave, machined to jewel-like detail - the grip is fantastic - and also knocks it out of the park with my own particular obsession- the lather catcher actually catches a lot of lather, keeping the "drippings" at bay. Comes in the original packaging. $100 shipped.

PXL_20210919_175548934.PORTRAIT.jpg PXL_20210919_175555980.PORTRAIT.jpg

Radiumite straight razor. Blade is mostly clean with a small amount of devil spit here and there - still completely usable. Scales are clean with no issues. I really liked this razor but I already have plenty of straights. I haven’t used this for a while and would recommend a honing. $30 shipped CONUS.


Carlo Corinto Classic fragrance. There’s at least 90% remaining in this 3.3oz glass. I made a blind buy of this last year (COVID boredom) and haven’t been using it much. It’s nice but not a scent I typically use often. For a more descriptive scent profile click here. This will come in the original box. Because of the alcohol content I can’t ship it overseas. Take it for $24 shipped CONUS.


Odds & Ends lot: $18 shipped CONUS will get you a RR stainless steel “bamboo” handle, an unused Maggards 18mm Timberwolf travel brush, a half-puck of unused Mogno shave soap (I cut mine in half - this is the unused half), a sample size of Myrsol Balsamic aftershave and four tucks of DE blades (good ones, not the trash stuff). You could basically make a hobo shave set with all this for less than a twenty dollar bill.

Great price on the Rudiumite. If I didn't have a seven razor max policy in my SR stock, I would be very tempted. I personally like the rounded tipped SRs. My French tip SRs need a lot of respect.

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