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Slow Coticules (revisited)

Here's a photo of the coti - I noticed that when the light reflects at the right angle, you can see some sort of intermittent shiny streaks that reminded me of the "glassy" comment above...
Looks like a stone I use to have. Using oil made it a decent finisher. Just note that whenever you use it with oil there is a good chance you will have to lap it again before being able to use water. Not really a problem but then you have to prep the surface all over again. Glad the running water worked though! I bet following that edge with Crox will put you where you want to be.
For me the normal hht tests don't work rig coticule edges, but stropping a lot before you check will help.
This, plus the hard evidence that a successful HHT is not an absolute prerequisite to a decent shave is encouraging. If I think about it, I managed to shave off an edge I made myself, which was better than the factory dovo edge on a new razor, with a new "problematic" coticule after about three tries, with no crox. Maybe not all doom and gloom after all for a relative newbie with little experience, and there is plenty of room to improve still.
By the way, the reason I used the 1200 diamond at all was the blade seems to have shipped with a small frown. During my second try on the coti, I had noticed that the middle of the blade wasn't cutting under the water in the middle like on the sides with light pressure. So I rebevelled it. I wondered if perhaps my first honing try had actually introduced the frown, but it seems unlikely given how little honing I had done the first attempt and how slowly the coti cuts, vs how much material I had to remove to remove the frown.

I read elsewhere that dovos have a reputation for not shipping exactly "shave ready" but is having a frown from the factory something that happens?
Yep, that is a La Grise. Mine is an excellent finisher--it will give you an excellent finished edge that is more comfortable than anything else, but its a hard slog for lower level work. You either need to get a fast slurry stone, or get a faster stone that will get you up to the finishing stage.

I can go from bevel set to finishing with my La Grise, but only with a fast slurry stone like a La Petite Blanche, or similar, but its still slow.

I've found the best combo for me is to do most work on my La Veinette, which is very fast and only do the final finish on the La Gris--which takes the work done on the La Veinette to another level altogether...

It sounds to me like you are not getting the lower level work done before going to finish, which seems like it has to do with the slurry getting removed too soon. Don't be afraid to refresh the slurry if you think you need to before moving on
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