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slim - ouch!?!?

I hope you don't have a damaged razor.

Anyway, I had same problem with Feathers in slim, but the Israeli Personna was heaven. I use it on 3 when shaving every day and 4 when I skip a day or 2.

Good luck and I hope you find the right combination.

Sure seams to be a bunch of Phil's on here.


And yet another Phil, the "p" in pcullens!
Didn't realize I would start a "slim phil" convention!

Anyway, too bad I burned through all my sampler packs before buying the slim. Now I'll have to order a new sampler set from West Coast Shaving so I can try out Derby, Persona, and other blades in the slim.

(I also have to get my post count over 50 so I can unload a few extra razors I have on the BST forum.):rolleyes:
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