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Slickest soaps out there

Yep another one for MdC. Skin food is lacking, and it's post-shave is drying for my skin, but the slickness and ease of lather is superb.
If all you are looking for in a soap is slickness and ease of lathering, there are many options less expensive than MdC. I know many people claim that the cost per shave is inexpensive. However, ARKO is quite slick and easy to lather and very cheap. I cannot imagine MdC is less expensive per shave than ARKO. However, I do not use either soap as my skin cannot tolerate a dry feeling after the shave.
Looks like from the past 2 months in the artisan soap world, that the slickest soaps are from the newest bases from:

-Declaration Grooming (Milksteak)
-Murphy & McNeil (Kodiak)
-Wholly Kaw (Siero)
-Zingari Man (Sego)
-Arianna & Evans (Strained Yogurt)
-Grooming Department (Nai)

I'm sure there are others out there I'm forgetting from B&M, Shannon's, SS, etc.....
You have done your homework and spent some money on some good soaps.Its kinda funny some of these guys say some of cheapest poor soaps are the best.Good artisan soaps are better no matter what these guys who want to shave and spend nothing and not try well crafted soaps.

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