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  1. ^ My pleasure!
  2. Ok, I tried my Maggards Slant today, first slant for me. First thoughts... meh. I will give it a couple of tries but it is just not effective for me. I had to do my final ATG pass with the Variant and there was still a lot of stubble left behind by the slant.
  3. I just received the Merkur 37c that is the pass around razor on here. I split face shaved with it an the maggard slant. I believe the 37c wins hands down. Bettor balance, and a closer shave. Three pass and done.
  4. I have a RR Slant. I realized that the zamak head coupled with a SS handle calls for disaster. I fear those threads won't last long. I also have the RR Old Type OC, same feeling, I have to reassemble the razor with extreme care at every blade change.
  5. I believe you sir, my experience today was highly disappointing.
  6. I like the RR 37 slant with a Merkur 33C handle which keeps the efficiency, but lowers the aggressiveness caused by the heavy handle. I guess that morphs the razor into a Merkur 37C.
  7. Glad to know I'm not alone, lol.

  8. I think we all had that problem with the German 37. At least the very early ones. I gave mine away after I got the Wunderbar. You should really consider upgrading. I just had a wonderful shave with it. VERY efficient. Heavy handle helps with the light touch, which is absolutely necessary with the Wunderbar.
  9. Are the threads on the RR German 37 showing signs that they are beginning to strip? Or, are we just fearing that it might begin to strip?

    Based on feedback provided on these forums, it sounds like earlier models for the RR German 37 were provided with brass handles, which caused threading issues. I thought this was rectified with the current models, which come with stainless steel handles.

    If using a stainless handle with a zamak head is a problem, then it puts many other razors in the same boat (i.e. Maggard heads with stainless handles or any other zamak head using a 3rd party stainless handle).
  10. You have to struggle a little before the handle catches the head thread, tolerances aren't very tight. Being stainless steel much harder than zamak, the fear is the head thread may strip soon. It didn't happened yet but they are both fairly new.
  11. I have both. They look similar, but shave differently. The RR German 37 is the hands down winner. The best bargain in slants at under $20. It's a great razor.
  12. Try the RR German 37 and you'll get an even better shave, I believe.
  13. The Wunderbar gives me the most consistently close shaves of any razor I have. The blade in the thing is clamped down so hard that (I'm guessing) it's as close to a straight razor you can get with a DE. Again just a guess on my part. What I know is that with a sharp blade and a light touch I haven't experienced a closer shave. Get sloppy though, and it will nip you. :001_07:.
  14. its no question that a slant is better shaver than a standard razor , just shaved 17 times With a wilkinson India blade ,
  15. i have 39c and its the most effective shaver , use a less agresive blade and do 20 shaves With it
  16. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  17. I have had a few slants. The best slant, IMHO, is the RazoRock Wunderbar slant.
  18. Agreed. The more I use it the more I like it.

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