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    I like the two piece design of the 37C. In the bigger picture both are inexpensive and you can recoup most of the purchase price on BST if it doesn't work out.
  1. Fat tip picc
  2. I had a 37C and sold it in favor of a Hoffritz Slant, which is gorgeous. Both razors shave equally as well and if you want to give a slant a go, I would not hesitate to give the Merkur a try.
  3. I have a 37C that is a wonderful razor. My beard is not enough for everyday use, but it is the perfect 1st pass if I have neglected shaving for a few days.
  4. I will try to check if a local retailer carries that particular one the 37c... I know they sell Merkurs but not sure about the slant. I will leave it to chance, if they have it, I'll snag it!
  5. Isn't the Hoffritz a rebranded Merkur? Basically the Germans and Europeans came up with a great design and they sold it to the American companies. Then Mr. Gillette came up with the Gillette slide. Same principal.
  6. A far more gorgeous 37C...:)
  7. The innovation doesn't matter. It just has to be pretty and Americans line up to get it! People make money on that premise everyday. Sad! It is what our society pushes. I would choose an original Merkur because the thinking behind it. The new one is not the same.
  8. Sorry you don't like my post sir. Generalizations about any people are mostly unfair and unnecessary.
  9. As the old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it seems this may be evident here. When I look at a Hoffritz I can't help but see that it is merely a Merkur 37C with a different name on it. Same head / same handle = looks like the same razor by the same manufacturer...
  10. I absolutely did not say I didn't like your post. How about this: my "generalizations" are about humans in general and I will remove the country. Better?
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    Take a breather guys. We're talking about a razor here. It's just shaving! :001_005:
  12. I agree fully!
  13. After reading a lot of reviews at their site, I pulled the trigger on the Maggards slant head. I will use my Rockwell handle with it, to give it some heft. At $19.95, it was a no brainer. Thanks!
  14. I've used Maggards a few times but haven't tried any of their own products.
    Are they good?
    Bear in mind i cant try their products with alcohol, as I'm overseas.
  15. @Reinier Ramirez
    You are very welcome. I think you will like it, fit and finish seems to be quite good, and I get excellent shaves from it. I prefer razors that are a notch more aggressive than the Merkur 34. This razor paired with a Polsilver, or Feather, or Gillette Nacet blade works very well for me. Take it easy in the beginning and I think you will be rewarded.

    I have their slant and one of their 26mm synthetic brushes. These are excellent products for the price. The folks at the shop are very friendly too. I am a satisfied customer although I cannot order as much as I want from them because I am not in the US.
  16. I recently posted about my recent 'discovery' of slants. My first was a Merkur 37c, same prep, same quality soap, same everything and my shave was nearly bbs and almost completely irritation free the first time I used the razor. I have since tried several other slant types to find the best of the bunch. The 'irritation free' is the biggest thing for me, but a slant razor is now my daily driver not just something I use for a few days growth. Treat it like any other razor you have tried, find it's angle and your technique will do the rest. Oddly enough, I get less (normally none) nicks using the slant daily vs a 'normal' razor.
  17. Nice discovery. Slants are great. Blade is torqued and often bent more reducing the chance of blade chatter or movement. I don't think it's the guillotine or slicing effect but that the blade is held so tight. I love slants for that reason.
  18. Got one of the best shaves ever today. Wunderbar with a GSB (3) and the Schafmilch. Topped it off with some B&M Cool.
  19. I too have found them a very good company to deal with, and will eventually try their own products.
    Thanks for your help.

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