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  1. I am curious about slants and trying to decide between Merkur 37c and a RR German 37. I don't want to break the bank just in case I don't like the concept. At the same time, I want a quality shaver just in case I stick with it. Any major differences betwen the two? Which one is a better choice? Thanks in advance!
  2. They are about equal in shave quality. The RR is a three piece and so if you already have a handle, you can go with the head only option. If not, then the full price is still $20. There are other low price slants out there that are very good, however if this is your first, it is a good one because it is a Goldilocks slant - not too mild, not too aggressive, AND very forgiving.
  3. Only you can answer the question, as both razors have generally favorable reviews.
  4. My only slant is the RR one. My only issue is the threads seem REAL easy to strip. But on a positive note, my Gillette tech handle screws on it easily and is lighter, allowing me to shave with more pressure, as I am wont to do, without turning my face into road-rash....
    That set up is my favorite combo.
  5. My only slant is a 39c HD and I love it, shaves very nicely.
  6. When I first saw the 37C on the forums I was so intrigued I finally broke down and bought one. At that time, 2007, IIRC there were no other slants in production, so it was the 37C or a vintage slant. When I received it I got butterflies in my stomach when I first loaded it and went to shaving. The thing looked evil.
    Well it was love at first pass, and that with a Feather blade. Just no pressure and use the same stroke you normally do. The diagonal cut does the work. There is nothing not to like. I haven't tried the others mentioned above, so they might be a better choice, but the 37C is a very good DE.
  7. Thank you all for the info!!
  8. I love the 37c.

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  9. I find the RR slant to be a liiitle more aggressive than 37c. I prefer the Merkur over the RR. I don't think you can go wrong with either, but don't leave out of the equation the Maggard Slant. Very affordable too.
  10. +1. If you want to try a slant (or three), then you really should try a slant!
  11. Ya know there's a traveling slant 37C, pass going around.
  12. Thanks, I think I will just buy the 37c and try it, like some ithers ha said. If it is not for me, I would pass it forward!
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    I must be an odd duck. I have a 37c and it is an ok razor. I agree it looks very scary at first but is pretty tame during use. I just don't see any (or feel) any advantage to the slant.

    Let us know how you make out.
  14. It's nice to hear someone else who has come to the same conclusion! I am pretty ambivalent about them myself. I seem to get a more comfortable and better shave out of my Muhle r89 than my 37c more easily, and the same can be said with my Fatip Piccolo paired against my PAA Bakelite Slant. I also see no real advantage in them, and I mean no bad to those for whom they work. You never know until you try one! Signed -Another Odd Duck
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    I thought slants were a gimmick and avoided purchasing them for many years. Then one day I bought a 37c and liked it a lot. In fact, it replaced my Mergress as my favorite razor. I then bought a Hoffritz, two RR prototypes one of which I sold, an ATT s1 followed by a s2 plate, and a RR Wunderbar. The slants are not my favorites with the S1 leading the pack.
  16. I think they are worth the try. Reading how some people "tear" their face raw with them makes me think... could it be overthinking because of the slanted design? Trying to change stroke and technique without really needing to?
  17. I've only tried one slant and that's the RR.
    I really like it, a relatively mild close shave. The only difference in technique between it and a regular DE is, no pressure is needed whatsoever.
    It is one my faves if i haven't had a shave for a while, of course, as ever, YMMV.
  18. I have a 37C that I use weekly. Its like any other razor I have used. It is very blade dependent. I normally use either a Shark SS or an Astra SP in it and it gives me a very good irritation free shave. On the other hand I recently put a Kai in it and wound up with irritation and several weepers. That blade is much more rigid and sharper than what I am used to and it got me... I have went back to the Shark SS and it delivers what I need again...
  19. Uh oh, I feel like like bsa is getting ready to post a pic that may, or may not, be necessary!!!

    That being said, I enjoyed my experience with the slant and it makes sense. Why would there be a Gillette slide if it didn't? Wish I could get Timeless to make me a slant.

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