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Slants - Looking for some basic info. Will they Krueger me? Why get one?

I'm not looking for recommendations (at least not yet), I just need a bit of info of why they exist.

When I first saw them, and since they seemed like something the more aggressive crowd liked, I figured I'd get filleted if I tried to use one, and didn't really bother looking into it more. However, while not needing another razor, at all, I came across one I aesthetically like, and it was a 'double' slant, which I hadn't heard of before, so, what's up with that?

Actual questions:
- Are slants really only for someone that wants an aggressive shave, has lots of tough hair, etc? I usually in the medium range for what I like in a razor. My open comb Parker C26 is a tad too aggressive am going to try and adjustable. If a slant, let alone a double slant, is on the agressive side, it wouldn't do (would a mild/medium slant even exist?).

- Do they take a lot of time to adjust too? If one isn't super careful, are you always a moment away from pulling a Sweeney Todd? I'm not always heedless, but I like a shave where I don't have to pay rapt attention to what I'm doing at all times.

- Is a double slant just that it has a slant on each side, or is there more to it than that (ie does it shave differently from a slant at all?). Why in the world would someone want one?

I really don't need another razor, and aesthetics are really no good reason to change that, and I'm pretty sure a slant is more aggressive then I need, but... well, logic doesn't really apply in the Badger & Blade dimension.

Remember don't bother doing recommendations, if I really do think I might go through with it, I'll just be giving the one I saw a try.
They will not Krueger you, but will Marie Antoinette you!!😳
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