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Slantember (Used to be September) Is For Slants! | Version 4 | 2021

Prep: Cella Gel pre barba
Bowl: Symmetrical Pottery
Brush: Simpson Polo 10 Manchurian
Soap: Declaration Grooming Sellout
Razor: ATT S1 on UFO Grand Titan
Blade: London Bridge
Post: Alum Rub
AS: Acqua di Parma Colonia intensa


Best Regards
Merkur 37C + BIC Chrome Platinum (1): wow. there is a reason everyone copies this design, it is great. but the blade, it surprised me, I didn't really like it in the Lupo, but in this razor it is the sharpest thing I ever tried, no slowing down on the trouble spots either. I haven't felt a thing or heard audible feedback, I couldn't feel the blade in the razor. If you ask me now, it is sharper than a feather, and it is so smooth you won't feel a thing. During the 2nd pass I got a nick and some "dots" as weepers, I have not felt those either. This blade made a silent killer from the 37C. Anyone who did not find the 37C efficient enough, try it with this blade.
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