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Slantember (Used to be September) Is For Slants! | Version 4 | 2021

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.


During the month of Slantember, which follows August and comes before October, shaving with slants has become somewhat of a tradition for some of us.

The first Slantember was in 2018. Thanks to Fred @Flintstone65, Slantember 2019 was a great success. The tradition continued in Slantember 2020. Fred and I hope you'll join in the fun during Slantember 2021.

All slants are welcome.


I'm hoping Slantember will be an excuse for many gentlemen to learn the beauty of shaving with slants.


I will use my slants as much or as little in Slantember as I decide to use them. I might use one slant or several. I might use another DE or an injector or an AC razor or a straight if I feel like it. There are no rules. You can shave with slants as frequently or as infrequently as you like during Slantember 2021. Slantember encourages slants but nothing is required. You won't be kicked out for any reason.

Everything else - blades, soaps, brushes, splashes, etc. - is totally up for grabs. This is not a Fixed Four although you're free to make it one if you want.

How many slants do you need to participate?

One slant is plenty, but use as many slants as you want.

Any and all slants are welcome. If you order a slant today and use it sometime during Slantember that counts big time. Everybody wins with a slant.

You are invited to join the Slantember party. You can pop in for a day or a week or the whole month. Post photos or shave reports if you want to. It's all just for fun.

Happy shaves,

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Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
I am automatically in as I do not use any other razor than iKon X3 anymore.
I'm in. I'm already doing a warmup with my Wunderbar.

I'm planning to use both of these, too, at least some, along with my FOCS.

I have other slants but will likely focus on only these three (and will also use my Wolfman and perhaps other non slant DE razors).

I've not used the X3 enough to feel like I know it very well, but I remember it as smooth and more efficient than most people say.

I used the Wunderbar for an adventurous Fixed Four. It tends to be super smooth and very efficient, but also sometimes bites me.

Happy shaves,

Going to pick up one of those Parker’s right now. Will post impressions for Slantember
I am now shaving the first day with my Parker 55SL my favorite slant...only 30 bucks-what a bargain!Works with any blade and smooth close shaves.My highest recommendation!

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