Slantember 2019 (Used to be September) Is For Slants!

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    Greetings all....It Is Time For:
    Slantember (September) banner.png

    During the month of Slantember, which follows August and comes before October, I'm shaving with slants....mostly. I may use SE razors (GEM-Types or Injectors) when the mood strikes, but otherwise I'll shave only with my slants. Everything else - blades, soaps, brushes, splashes, etc. - is up for grabs. This is not a Fixed Four.

    Now invariably the question is asked:
    How Many Slants do I need to Participate??? That's easy:
    One Image.png
    One slant is plenty, but use as many slants as you want. I have a few slants: iKon X3, PBOCS, RR Wunderbar, Maggards, RazoRock German 37, a Ziglar, and a Fasan - and I'll be using as many as I'm able through out the month. Any and all slants are welcome.

    So I hope you will join me. You can pop in for a day or a week or the whole month. Post photos or shave reports if you want to.

    It's all just for fun, but I hope to learn something too!!!

  1. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

    On deck for tomorrow ... EMIR bakelite.
  2. Outstanding!!!! Excellent razor to start us off!!!!!!! :clap::a14::clap:
  3. My, how times change!

    I will kick off with the top kick, the Wunderbar!

    I’m hitting the dusty trail for a bit, so I will be choosing a selection of travel slants. Micromatic Monday may suffer some neglect, but expect some straight/slant Daily Doubles once I’m tethered back in the home corral. Yee haw!
  4. :lol: You are quite right, sir....quite right!!! It was only one short year ago I had a whole 3 razors (a Merkur 34C, a RR German 37 and a 1966 Tech in a Red Cross package, and then *KABOOM*.....RAD!!!

    I'm looking forward to introducing my Wunderbar to this Slantember as excellent choice and an excellent razor!

    Safe travels on the "dusty trail"....I'm returning from the road, which in my case means my Slantember probably won't get kicked off until Sept 2nd.
  5. bjm


    SLANTember 2019? I'm in. It's time to get reacquainted with some old friends and put away my most recent acquisitions for a while. It should be an interesting month.
  6. Well I’m obviously in as a slant is all I use anymore. It’s been the only razor I’ve used for the last 5 mos. the Merkur 37c.

    AoM; B.O.S.S.;Knight of the Veg Table;MFR2019
  7. I am in and have completed the first shave of September.
  8. bjm


    Ready for my first shave of the month...


    I haven't used the RR Wunderbar in a while, so SLANTember is the perfect excuse to put it into action.
  9. Looks like we’re building some momentum and LET THE SHAVES BEGIN!!!

    I’m in transit today, so living vicariously through you all!
  10. Well done!!! Merkur 37C? The head looks very much like my RR German 37. I like the look of your handle better.
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  11. If it’s been a while I’m very interested in how it does for you. It’s been a while for mine too and I’m hoping muscle memory kicks in. It’s a great razor, but requires me to shelve my lazy technique and
  12. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

    Shave No.1 in the books
  13. Very cool and VERY uncommon. First time I've seen one and I took some time to look around B&B and saw some of that brand in a non-slant, but the info on them seems spotty. So glad you shared yours with us!!!
  14. bjm


    The shave was just as a good as I remember. No issues. No drama. I found myself adjusting the angle to ride the cap whenever I thought I was beginning to feel too much of the blade. I admit to being a lot more cautious with the Wunderbar than many of my other razors, but I can't argue with the results.

    This was also my first time using a GSB and I'm glad I bought 100 of them. The first shave with most of my favorite blades seem to be a little harsh, but then smooth out after the second or third use. I didn't experience that with the GSB as it was smooth right out of the wrapper.
  15. Good to hear regarding your experience with the Wunderbar. And I couldn’t agree more with your comments on the’s a favorite of mine as well!!!
  16. To be honest, I'm not going to shave with my two slants for the rest of the month but I am going to use the slants more prominent. Starting today with the Merkur 37C.
  17. Nothing exotic, Wunderbar as promised, with whatever blade is in there. New to me was the Kapo=Karo “Fresh” Bulgarian shave cream. Super slick and protective, not much I would describe as a lather, but I was in a hurry and only gave the tiny amount of cream I used a perfunctory shot at palm and face lathering with my scrubby custom boar.

    Can’t wait to try Kapo with an SR, but I will have to - no SR in the travel kit. Buzz cut the facial hair (low and tight?), I’m hitting the road.

    Great, fast two pass BBS with lots of extra noodling around in the maelstrom. The cream was so slick, it just dared me to keep at it. No alum sting, one of my best hasty shaves ever.

    Slantember, it’s ON! :punk:
  18. No worries....I'm not even sure I'll do the whole month with a slant; but I'm glad to see you joining us with your Merkur today, and perhaps your PAA BOCS later on!

    Looking forward to trying the Kapo (aka Karo) cream one day....I continue to hear great things about it, and I like creams in general!!!

    And yes, IT IS Donkey Kong...:badger:
    Slantember, Let's Roll, Gentlemen (meme).jpg
  19. My Slantember shave this morning
    Walbusch B5


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