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GIVEAWAY! Slant Starter PIF [AU/NZ]

I have recently acquired my end game slant razor, so am happy to enable someone else to discover the joys of shaving with a slant.

The Razorock German 37 is a very smooth, yet efficient shave, and will make a great entry point for an Antipodean. Included are the G37, a leather carrying pouch, the original box, and a selection of blades (40 all up*) to get you going. I'm covering postage as well.

Open to anyone who is new to slants and an ANZAC.

Just post that you are in and I'll pick an entry at random next weekend. Only condition is that, should you win, you must join the B.O.S.S. :)


* A tuck or Derbys came in the box and I forgot to take them out for the photo, but they are included.
Very generous PIF. Respectfully not in as I am currently slimming down on the DE’s after discovering my own go to’s.

This going to make a great addition to someone’s den. Interested to hear what the end game slant turned out to be.
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