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Slant razor discussion

Gents, looked around, did not find a general discussion on here about these guys, so starting one here, hope you don't mind.

There are not that many that are made:

Merkur 37/39c
RR 37
Above The Tie (waaay waaaay too expensive for my budget)
Fine Acoutrement (don't hear much about that company)

Any experiences, you, gents, had with any of these, would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,

I got my first slant, a Razorock 37 a couple of weeks ago and it's become my #1 razor. I have a weird growth pattern on my neck and I've found that the efficiency of the slant paired with the right blade reduces irritation that I'd experience when using a milder razor. The blades that have worked best so far are the Rapira Platinum Lux and Swedish Supersteel. Voskhod didn't work out too great for me.
If we are talking about modern current production slants, then there the RR Wunderbar which may be just one waaay to expensive. The Fine has been taken off the market for a while so Mr. Fine can reassess whether he wants to keep it ABS or change to a different material.
I have several slant razors and I like their concept. However, nothing takes the place of careful shave prep. A slant razor in theory will give a slightly better shave than a comparable regular razor. The Mekur 37, for example, will give a slightly better shave than a Merkur 34. But again, careful shave prep makes as big or even a bigger difference in shaving efficiency. That is the most important information I can share about slant razors.
I have a 39c HD and I love it. Gives great smooth shaves. This is the only slant that I have so I can't give you a comparison.
For the $ you can't beat the Merkur 37C or 39C IMHO. Before the Wunderbar came out it was the best design made in a slant (twisted head) razor AFAIC. The Wunderbar surpasses the Merkur, but it is much more expensive. OTOH, you pay for an extremely high quality all stainless steel razor, rather than a combination of Zamac head, and brass handle.
My Merkur 39C Slant with an Israeli Red Personna blade ---- Perfect for a 2 - 3 day growth.
Close, smooth, and comfortable. Less effort than my Merkur 34C or Maggard's MR5-v.3
for a 2 - 3 day growth. For my consecutive day shaves, I prefer my Merkur 34C with a
Gillette Nacet or my Maggard's MR5-v.3 with a Voskhod.
Same for me as @Adam18.
The 39c works great. As a matter of fact, I have not used in several weeks. Will give it a spin next week.

I have read great things about the RR 37. You cannot beat the price.

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I have (and have had) a few slants, currently I have an Ikon DLC slant, Shavecraft 102, and an ATT S1, I used to have the 39c also. I really don't notice that much of a difference between a standard razor and a slant. I like the ones I do own but if I had to thin the herd down to say 5 or 10 I'm not sure that a slant would make the cut.

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hmm, I can pick up two slants (RR 37 and Merkur 39c) for the price of one adjustable Parker Variant... Buy all three and face a possible pushback by the gf? She already thinks I am crazy lol
I've compared most of the ones you mentioned in another slantdiscussionthread on this here forum.
In short:
ATT: great razor, where the S2 is a bit more agressive than the S1
PAA: fabulous. Just resist the urge to apply pressure.
Maggard: fbulous, but probably the most aggressive of the ones mentioned.
iKon: X3 very mild, 102 too heavy for me.
Fine: not my cup of tea, couldn't get a good shave with it. Maybe the next gen of this razor will perform better for me.
RR 37: very good, as is to be expected with a 37-variant.
RR Wunderbar: very good
Merkur 37c: everybody should own one, unless you like heavy in which case get a 39c.
Only one I have is a RR 37 and have been happy with it for my first slant. Would probably get a Wunderbar if could for a reasonable price but not chasing after it.
I have the Merkur 37c and the PAA Bakelite. They both give great shaves but I get the closest shave with the PAA.
Let's remember there are aggressive slant razors and there are mild slant razors.

Comparing "an apple with an apple" might mean comparing a Merkur 34 HD conventional razor with a Merkur 37 slant razor.

With such a comparison, I suggest the slant is slightly more efficient, say by 5%, just enough to be noticeable.
Used a Merkur 38C as my main daily razor for many years and pleased with it.
Anyone know if ATT are going to do a Calypso Slant ??
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