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Slant-Bar Warning

I've posted this on my blog, but thought I should put it here as well: the gold Merkur Slant Bar that I got from Em's Place had the wrong top---I suspect it was an HD top. The top did not slant (as it should), so that even though the top (on each side) gripped the blade firmly at one end, the other was left to hover in space. This would give a VERY bad shave---"Satan's Razor" indeed.

Since my guess is that a batch of HD tops got misassigned to Slant Bar razors, it's probable that this has happened more than once.

I have no worries: Em gives excellent service, and my order will end up okay. But if you have or later get a Slant Bar, check the fit of the top.
Just got an email from Emily. She checked the other slant bars in stock, and they were all okay, so this one seems to be an anomaly. She'll mail replacement to me on Monday, and I'll return the odd one.
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