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Slant Bar- Loading the Blade

Every once in a while the question comes up of how a blade should look in the Slant Bar razor properly loaded.

I am going to post photos of what it should, and shouldn't look lilke.

The first photo in the horizontal position shows a properly placed blade. Notice how the long edge of the blade is parallel with the shaving head?

The 2nd and 3rd photos show how a blade is not properly placed. It is not parallel to the shaving head, but is instead at an angle, as also evidenced by the ends of the blades noit being parallel to the razor.

The last photo shows the underside of the razor with the lettering on the blade clearly visible.

Why is that important? Wait till the next post


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Clockwise, the first photo shows the Red Pack Personna. Note that while the text is even, the position of the text on the blade varies from one side to the other, with one side being closer to the razor edge than the other.

The second photo shows how an uneven blade looks from the underside. Note how so much more of the text is visible on one side.

The last photo shows an evenly placed blade and how the text is even and allowing for the difference in the distance of the text from the edge, it appears to be lined up well.

Hope this helps...
Good clear photos. The contrast with the goldplate works well too. I tend to use the end of the blade, perpindicular to the cutting edge, cos i find it easier to judge. That's the beauty of a silo head of course....no faffing. I wonder if it'd be technically difficult to have a slanted silo?
Great photos, thanks for posting!

To get the blade to center properly in my slant I pull the exposed non-cutting edges up slightly while I tighten the head. Works every time.
Great photos, simple much needed photo guide. :thumbup:

I have a slant coming my way and was very worried about it when the folks around here caution "correct blade alignment"

Would request this to be a sticky please refining it on the way with inputs from the members.
I think I missed the boat on this one guys.:redface: Is this a problem specific to the slant, or more of the general Merkur tolerance issues?
I've had both a Merkur vintage slant and a HD slant for a while now, but they don't get a whole lot of time in the rotation. I haven't found the shaves as close or aggressive as I'd like, could that have been due to the blade being misaligned and I didn't notice?
I don't believe it is a Merkur tolerance issue. I believe it is more an issue with the tolerance built into the razor blades couple with the twisting motion forced on the blade.
I don't believe it is a Merkur tolerance issue. I believe it is more an issue with the tolerance built into the razor blades couple with the twisting motion forced on the blade.

Thanks for the info. I did revisit my HD slant this morning, about the same shave as I remember. The blade did load a little off center the first shot, so I'm glad I read this thread.
OK. But why do I get a smoother, closer with less irratation shave just overall better shave when I let the blade just load itself, (normally crocked) adverses aligning it as your first picture shows which delivers a shave identical to my HD? I never have been accused of being normal but with the blade as shown, I might as well stick with the HD, same thing that way isn't it?
It's not like an HD. There will be a larger gap at one end than the other because of the way the head twists the blade.

But if you get a better shave your way, who am I to argue?


The slant was a great invention for Merkur. With this razor, it harder to notice when the blade doesn't go in straight.
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