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Skin Bracer Cool Spice

I'm pretty sure it's a NOS discontinued product from Mennen. I use it regularly and it's one of my favorites. Although the last time I wore it to work someone asked me if I'd been spraying bug killer...:mad3:
Didn't somebody post an eBay offer of four different Skin Bracer varieties a while back? I don't remember exactly what they were but it would be cool if there were more Skin Bracers out there to be had.
its new old stock. it was discontinued. someone on here bought a 3 pack of these not too long ago. someone also purchased a variety of scents ones that went back to like the '70s. i think one was a oakmoss or something.
I've seen it in a store in my area recently in the modern plastic bottles. Didn't grab it though because it's too close to Old Spice and we have a no OS allowed rule.

I've never seen it in plastic. The last time I bought it locally it was still in glass, but like I said that was about ten years ago. The Cool Blue smelled the same in plastic as it did in glass, so I'm guessing there shouldn't be too disparaging a difference. I'd like to procure one of the plastic bottles just to see. I'm guessing if you're still seeing it in stores, then like the Cool Blue it was only discontinued in certain areas, mine included. We had Cool Blue up until about three or four years ago.

I like the Cool Spice much more than any Old Spice I've ever tried. Grab a bottle if you still can and see how it settles on your skin, you may be surprised. You may have to institute a "No OS, but CS is tolerated" rule for your household. :biggrin:
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