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Six years of Above the Tie

It is hard for me to believe that Above the Tie will be six years old in 2017. Thanks to the support of wet shavers everywhere we have been able to roll out a number of quality stainless razors. Your encouragement has lead to other products as well as our recent aluminum razor line up.

In this brief time we have supplied aggressive, moderate and mild razors as well as open comb and solid bar razor versions. Then came the stainless Slant razors also offered in open comb and solid bar styles. We are still the only company offering a machined stainless open comb slant. In addition, we rolled out our popular SE razors the SE1 and SE2. I believe the SE2 is the only machined stainless open comb SE razor on the market. Our SE1 was first revealed at the Big Shave West 2 event in Pasadena last year. Hopefully, we will have another surprise reveal this year at the Big Shave West 3. We also offer a stainless razor stand, a leather travel case hand made from Horween leather from the famous leather works in Chicago. Lastly, we have a very nice ATT shaving soap Orange Blossom and Jasmine which is a collaboration with RazoRock.

This is all possible because of you. It has been a lot of work, just thinking about this is making me tried! However it has been worth it. Many times customers have written to me about how much they are enjoying there ATT products. Many times I have responded with " You have made my day' because it is true. If Above the Tie closed tomorrow I would be content in knowing that we have changed your shave time from a chore to a pleasure.
Amazing, Stan. I am one such customer who is extremely grateful to have your razors. Congratulations. Here's hoping you have many more, equally amazing years. And please... no more talk of closing tomorrow. :)

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It is us that should be thanking you.

I started using your razors when you first appeared on this site. I used them daily for years and shared my satisfaction of them frequently. They are flawless in craftsmanship and built like a precision surgical tool. I still own several and every time I use them I'm reminded of just how great they are.

And the innovation... we asked for an all stainless steel slant, you listened and gave us a slant. We then asked for an SE and you provided that as well only to follow it up with an open comb SE.

Not only have you consistently produced one of the very best razors ever made but you've actually kept up with demand while introducing several new razors. This is a task that several other vendors have struggled to do and you've made it look effortless.

The way you run your business is an excellent example of how it should be done. Thank you!
Congratulations on this milestone. Always good to see a company that provides quality products and great service survive in this competitive world.
Congratulations and thank you! Just added an ATT Calypso to my rotation and am loving it. It is a perfect reason to get some more!
I don't own any ATT products*, but everything I've heard leads me to believe that the wet shave world is a better place with Above The Tie in it. Congratulations!

* I have a milestone birthday (40) coming up next year and top of my birthday wishlist is a an ATT Atlas something.


B&B membership has its percs
Congratulations on your milestone & thanks for your products Stan. I've had or at least tried them all, and have enjoyed shaving with each and every one. Looking forward to your next exclusive release!
Stan, I will be going to Big Shave West 3.
Looks like, I will have to buy a razor.
I am new to DE shaving, does a aggressive shaver give a better shave?
I know I am a begginer, but what if I was a expert?


See you soon and take care......
Hello ,
Be sure and stop by and see me. Me and Matt will be there. There will be plenty of stuff to see from the vendors and Damon's fine shop as well. As to the kind of razor it really depends on the persons beard type, skin type and also your technique. I would suggest stating in the middle of the road average aggression razor and move up or down as needed from there. What are you using now and what are your results?
I use a Merkur 47c with Feather blade,
Gem single edge, Shick injector.
I use a Parker Sivertip with Soap Commander.
I use 3 to 4 passes, shave is good but not a bbs.
If, I want a bbs shave a final pass or two with Gillette Fusion.
Hardest areas to shave is under my neck.
I almost never have any weepers, none ever caused by Gillette Fusion.
Having to do that many passes makes me think you could go up in aggression. Based on your comments I would suggest the Kronos H1 or if you want an open comb the H2. Let me know how it goes we will work with you.
I have been using a kronos everyday for the past 5 years. It made me sell off all my other razors. The H1 plate was the only razor that made me see red shaving cream....I swapped it for a R1 and never looked back.

When is the gem coming out?
I have been using a kronos everyday for the past 5 years. It made me sell off all my other razors. The H1 plate was the only razor that made me see red shaving cream....I swapped it for a R1 and never looked back.

When is the gem coming out?

Should have them this week.
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